1500 Mile Frontier Signup Bonus — Good for $6 at Starbucks

Frontier is offering 1500 miles for signing up for their frequent flyer program by December 31. (Hat tip Frugal Travel Guy.)

Even if you’re never going to add more miles to your Frontier EarlyReturns account, it’s worth signing up. You can transfer your points out of Frontier and into other programs for free at Points.com.

1500 Frontier miles yields your choice of:
372 Air Canada Aeroplan points
311 Alaska Mileage Plan miles
329 American
637 Cathay Pacific AsiaMiles
296 Delta Skymiles
592 HawaiianMiles
348 Midwest Miles
637 Priority Club Rewards points
296 US Airways Dividend miles

or $6 in Starbucks.

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  1. Thanks Gary! Not sure if I screwed something up, but I only received 500 miles. Hopefully there are more coming later, as that’s below the threshold for a points.com swap.

  2. I only got 500 miles for signing up, and their awards office isn’t answering today. I’ll check with them on Monday about getting the full 1500, but did this work for anyone else? Is a promotion code required?

  3. Just tried this. They only gave me 500 and I got a bounceback on the e-mail I sent to customer service. Anyone get their 1500 right away?

  4. Me too! 500 miles and its not enough to swap into other programs.

    Maybe the other “bonus” points will be credited prior to the 31st???

  5. Quite possibly, the 1500 bonus was decreased once Frontier saw (possibly via this blog) that they could be redeemed for gift cards/other airline miles. The same thing happened a few years ago – Alaska was giving 3500 miles per sign up IF you put a Canada address and opt-in to emails; they still give the bonus actually. Those 3500 miles were routinely swapped for Starbucks gift cards and other goodies, until Alaska realized something was up and raised their Points.com min. swap amount to 4000.

    I guess it just goes to show, companies can and do read these blogs!

    (I’m assuming Gary got his 1500, as he could relay the amounts they would transfer into each program)

  6. Same here… 500 miles. Printed the offer page into pdf, so I can follow up with customer service if needed.

  7. 500 here 2…

    @ Gary – Care to comment on the 13 who have posted comments of only receiving 500… Did you too receive 500? Do you have any insider info as to whether or not the remaining 1000 may post for all of us??

  8. I called Frontier’s customer service. The rep first said the additional 1000 miles wouldn’t be awarded until I booked my first flight with Frontier. When I said that wasn’t the way the deal was promoted, he checked with his supervisor and came back to say that the additional 1000 miles would be posted to my account “in another week.”

  9. yes Oliver I read it many times.

    I still signed up and only got 500 poinys but no coffe cupon!!!

    Why this airline lies to us all here?!??!?

    I talked to starbucks and they said that frontier is who supplies it…NEVER STARBUCKS!!

    now, please re-read your blog post Oliver!!

  10. Shilo,
    After you join, sign up for points.com then you link your frontier account to your points.com account. You swap your miles for Starbucks credit or anything else your heart desires. This is also good to have in points.com for the next mileage promo from another airline for bonus miles, as you can usually trade the minimum for around 1000 bonus miles in another program.

  11. but can not without 1000 more points promised by frontiers airline and stated here in blog!!

    why many people give wrong informations i dont know!!!

    i still waiting to get my points as promised!!!!!

  12. Does anyone have an update on this promotion? I too only have the 500 miles but was wondering if people who signed up earlier than I did already received the other 1000 miles they’re supposed to.

  13. For the record, I’m the person who posted comment #17 about calling Frontier’s customer service. Here’s an update. After more than a week (and 2 emails that weren’t answered), still only 500 miles in my account. So today I called customer service again. Talked to “Mike,” who asked for my EarlyReturns acct. # and then said, “Okay, I’ll have to send it in to get the other 1000.” Huh? He went on to admit there was a glitch in the system so only 500 of the bonus miles get posted on enrollment and the others have to be added by a rep. And, yes, he said he’s getting calls from more people, and it’s a hassle, and he’s sorry, and he wishes they’d fix it, thanks for calling Frontier, etc. The toll free number to call is 866-263-2759. Good luck!

  14. Oh, one more thing. “Mike” said the other 1000 miles will be posted in 48 hours. I’ll believe it when I see it; will check then and let you know.

  15. My call 15 minutes ago reflected that of Susan (24-48 hours for posting),
    but with a wrinkle. They knew of the issue, but at first told me that
    the “extra 1000” would be contingent upon further activity in the account
    (flight, credit card, etc.)

    When I brought up that this was an ex-post facto requirement
    not mentioned in the original promotion, they wondered why
    someone would care, since the miles were “nontransferable”.

    Once this was escalated to the marketing department, I was
    assured about the promised near-term posting for my family, but they
    said the real story was that they seemed to have gotten “thousands”
    of fraudulent applications, so are making the real people call in.

    Hmmm … seems like a success disaster coupled with their fear
    of miles disappearing via points.com to Starbucks coupons, etc.

  16. Hmmm, yeah, how do I justify that I want 1500 points instead of 500 if I’d get the extra 1000 with more activity? (other than “those were the terms, and if you ever want to have any hope of seeing a dime from me, follow those terms”)

  17. Just called in and was given a different answer. I was told that they’re just “behind on this” and the remainder of the miles will post eventually. The CS agent said they had no idea what this eventual date would be only that they were working on it.

  18. Update here from the poster of comments #17 and #24/25. After being told by Frontier rep “Mike” 2 days ago that my other 1000 miles would be posted in 48 hrs, well… they weren’t. I called Frontier again, spoke to a more competent-sounding rep, “April.” She tried to explain. There have been some “issues,” people applying under different accounts and then moving their miles from one acct. to another, and the marketing dept. was slowed down trying to sort that out. Finally they decided just to give the miles to everyone and are getting caught up. She promised me they’d be posted by “the end of next week.” Told me to check my acct. on Jan 15; if the miles aren’t there to call back, ask for her by name, and she’ll make sure it gets straightened out.

    Frankly at this point the $6 Starbucks coupon or a couple hundred miles transferred to another mileage program aren’t worth all this work. But… it’s the principle, right?

  19. I too called Frontier again today, and was told the same: end of next week, Jan. 15, the 1000 miles will be posted. She mentioned there had been some glitch – yup…..

  20. I just received the following email reply from Frontier:


    Good to hear from you. We are working on getting all the new accounts updated with the correct amount of bonus miles. All of the bonus miles for signing up for an Early Returns account should be entered by the end of the week. (January 15th 2010) There was an error in the system, which caused all of these accounts to only post 500 miles instead of the 1,500 promotion. We thank you for your patience while we get all the new accounts updated.

    Thank you,
    Carolyn M
    EarlyReturns – Denver
    P: 1 866-263-2759
    F: 720-374-4622
    E: earlyreturns@flyfrontier.com

  21. I was wondering the same thing.

    I still have only 500 points.

    Maybe it’s not the 15th wherever Frontier is……

  22. By 1/16, the 1000 miles had not posted. I called Frontier and they posted them manually. They were there this morning in my account -at last. Off to points.com for swapping……

  23. Wow. Unbelievable. Still only 500 miles this morning. So again I called Frontier rep “April” who told me on the 8th to ask for her by name if I didn’t get my miles by the 15th. She said she would post mine herself by 2pm today. I thanked her and said I hope the Frontier pilots and mechanics are more competent than the EarlyReturns Miles accounting department. I’ll let you know if the miles show up.

  24. At 1:45pm PST Frontier had posted my full 1500 bonus miles. It took 22 days, 2 emails, and 3 phone calls to get there. Tell me again: Why did I do this? (G’luck folks!)

  25. I sent the following to:

    Dear Frontier,

    I recently signed up for your frequent flyer program. My account # is XXXXXXXXX.

    I only received 500 miles when I signed up. However, the offer promised me 1500 points. Specifically, the offer was as follows:


    Join EarlyReturns online before 12/31/2009 and earn an additional 1500 bonus miles:

    * New accounts only
    * Application must be submitted by 11:59pm MST 12/31/2009 via FrontierAirlines.com
    * Bonus miles do not count towards tier qualification

    Join Now

    Please credit me the missing 1000 miles.

    Thank you

  26. After receiving only 500 points, I sent them 1 email a month later, and somehow managed to get 1000 extra points twice for a total of 2500 points! I just swapped them for 586 Aeroplans. Will post when the points get transfered in my account.

    Great promo 🙂

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