$20 Gift Card for $200 in Online Spend with a Mastercard by the End of the Year

Via Million Mile Secrets, Mastercard will give you a $20 gift card when you register and are then one of the first 80,000 people to spend $200 online by December 31.

One week after completing your $200 in online spend you should receive an email form to complete and submit to receive your $20 gift card. Open to U.S. Residents Only.

Having just closed my Continental Onepass Plus card, my only current Mastercard is my Diners Club. My most recent Citi AAdvantage signup was, sadly, a Visa. So I’ll only be grabbing one of these gift cards.

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  1. I know Continental has merged with United and everything, but could you briefly explain the reasoning behind why you closed your CO Mastercard already?

  2. @Scott because it would have converted to a United Explorer card and I wanted to be better positioned for an Explorer signup bonus.

  3. Thanks. Enrolled and and charged $200, $201, $202, etc on each of my 5 of my MC cards this morn – paid utilities, my FedEx bill, UPS bill, and airline ticket.

  4. @Acker, not sure if you will get all the 5 GCs. The T&C said in bold: “Limit (1) Registration per person, per email address, &/or per Card account number during the Offer Period. You may only register (1) Card for the duration of the Offer Period. Additional Registrations received from any person, email address, or Card account number in excess of the stated limitation will be void.”

  5. “Limit (1) Gift per person, email address &/or per Card account number, as applicable, for the duration of the Offer Period. Additional online purchase transactions in excess of first $200 threshold will not qualify for additional Gifts.”

  6. Ah, @Million Mile Secrets, that changed a few years ago. In the US they went with the Mastercard interchange system, which reduced interchange fees and also caused them to gut benefits fo the card. They shut down new applications for the card, and then Citibank sold Diners to Bank of Montreal. We’ll see what happens, if they market it again…!

  7. … wonders aloud if airline tickets/car rental/hotel charges count 🙂 I know I’m traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  8. it sounds like you might be able to get around the one registration limitation by using a different email? I just signed up with my citi debit card, although i dunnno if i’ll put $200 on that one. i have a different card I can use 🙂

  9. The terms mention that “PIN-based transactions” are ineligible, which suggests to me that non-PIN “signature” online debit card transactions are probably eligible.

    Taking this a step futher, I didn’t notice anything from my quick skim of the terms and conditions ruling out registering a MasterCard gift card.

  10. I should have clarified. Two of the cards are mine, two belong to my husband and one belongs to my sister (she’s overseas and I’m paying her bills). My USAA cards have a Florida address, my Continental card has my PO Box and the Citi Thank you cards have our street address. I rarely use the USAA cards & never updated the address. We haven’t used those cards in ages but they’re still active. I did signup using different email addresses, not to game the system but because all my cards have their own email address – it helps me keep track of things. It sounds complicated but all my emails forward a copy to my master email account – but they automatically show up in different folders/labels. I set it up while delayed in JFK for way too long one day. Hard to explain but works well. If we don’t get the $20, no worries.

  11. I have both continental OnePass Plus MC & United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa both from Chase. Should I go ahead & cancel my Continental MC since yearly fee is about to kick in? I’m still good before my United card fee begins.

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