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United Airlines is

United Airlines is set to announce Glenn Tilton, the Vice Chairman of ChevronTexaco, as its new CEO. When interim CEO Jack Creighton steps down, it is expected that United’s President Rono Dutta and COO Andy Studdert will resign.

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My prediction looks about right.

My prediction looks about right. USAirways acknowledges that if other airlines don’t match its policy of eliminating the value of unused nonrefundable tickets, they will likely back off. However, American Airlines has said they will begin to match — and they will charge $100 to standy for alternate flights on nonrefundable tickets.

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Barun Mitra stirs up some

Barun Mitra stirs up some trouble by awarding the “Bullshit Trophy” to Greenpeace and two other organizations for their contribution to the preservation of poverty in developing countries. Mitra called the three groups parasites which “prey on the blood of the poor.” (Link via Instapundit.)

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Frequent flyers are

Frequent flyers are backlashing against policy changes at USAirways. My prediction: if other airlines don’t follow suit with the changes then USAirways will have to rescind them.

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Instapundit noted a

Instapundit noted a Washington Post story that the two dumb “security questions” which haven’t stopped a terrorist in 16 years of being asked are being eliminated (I noted it last Thursday). Glenn Reynolds asks whether my Impeach Norm Mineta bumper stickers are having an effect….

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