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Just got back from Florida

Just got back from Florida last night and I’m off to Michigan to lecture on the evils of mental health parity legislation. Then on Wednesday it’s California… and my high school reunion on Saturday night. Blogging will be nonexistent until Thursday morning, and light until next Monday. Please don’t abandon me, though! I’ve worked hard for you, my reader, and I’d appreciate it if you would continue to visit regularly upon my return.

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Todd Zywicki exposes

Todd Zywicki exposes hypocrisy of protestors who call themselves anarchists but agitate for more government regulation of the things they don’t like. They ain’t no anarchists!

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Tony Woodlief asks,

Tony Woodlief asks, “how do you suppose airlines reconcile the belief that passengers need instruction in seatbelt fastening with the belief that we care about the current altitude, visibility, and aircraft windspeed?”

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A very good thing. Wired

A very good thing. Wired reports that file-sharing service Kazaa has successfully evaded the recording industry’s attempts to shut it down by setting up operations in multiple jurisdictions around the globe.

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