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But isn’t that the very IDEA of a hotel?

In defending itself against a lawsuit where a guest claims to have gotten crabs from his hotel room, the Quality Inn in Hampton, Virginia claims there is no “implied warranty under Virginia law running from a hotel owner or operator to a guest warranting that the premises are ‘fit for human habitation, would be clean and sanitary, and would be suitable for occupancy.’” You’d think that if there was any obligation at all, it would be just that . . .

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More on Thai

Thai Airways refusal to honor its 55 pound first class fare gets some coverage. “It is not uncommon to hunt out a bargain on the web, and cheap airfares are just one example. To find out my reservation will not be fulfilled, despite receiving an email confirmation, left me feeling thoroughly disappointed,” said Evershed. “Yes, it seemed that I was getting a good deal but the very nature of online offers is to find the bargains,” she added. Certainly many short-haul budget airlines have offered ‘all you pay is the tax’ style fares, and many industry watches have suggested it is only a matter of time before a long-haul flight is offered on similar grounds. But this was not that time. However, Evershed received an email, seen by, from Thai Airways, confirming her reservation.…

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A Free Southwest Airlines Ticket

Earn 8 Rapid Rewards credits with any Earthlink service and 8 Rapid Rewards credits for switching to MCI long distance by April 30 (call 800 421-6773 and tell them you want to switch for 8 Southwest credits and that you’re signing up for the MCI Nationwide service at $2.95 a month and 5 cents per minute for state-to-state calling.). 16 credits is a free ticket. Update: Gary Steiger tells me that the MCI phone number doesn’t work from all area codes, but that dialing (800) 340-2030 will work for everyone.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch changes…

The bmi British Midland program has been entirely revamped, moving from a points system to a miles system. All program members can earn 2000 bonus miles by registering and filling out a survey. Oh, and they have a video game on their website, too.

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Up to 29,000 Bonus Status Miles on United

Sign up for the ‘United Great Offer’ First, they will send you personalized luggage tags. Second, you’ll print out a fax cover sheet. Send it to United with copies of statements from (3) other frequent flyer programs from March 2003 or later. United will give you 3,000 status miles (miles towards elite status, not miles in your account for awards) for each statement, for a total of 9,000 status miles. Third, for every paid segment purchased and flown between May 15 and August 15 beyond the number of segments flown during the first three months of this year you will get 2,000 bonus status miles (up to a maximum of 20,000 bonus status miles). 29,000 status miles — on top of the miles you normally earn by flying. Should make qualifying a snap!

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