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Gearing up for Sydney Service

Hawaiian Airlines is now selling tickets for its new Sydney flights which commence in May. Prices start at$755 plus tax roundtrip from Honolulu to Sydney and flights are offered four days a week.I discussed prospects for this service when it was announced in January.

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Points for Your Pooch

As I reported last month Japan Air Lines has a new reward program for pets. Apparently they think it’s one of a kind (subscription required) The JAL Pet Club, as it will be called, will allow consumers to exchange points for in-flight cage rentals, pet airfares and presents for their pets. “We are unaware,” a JAL official told the Japan Times, “of any similar services targeting pets offered by other airlines, Japanese or foreign.” Perhaps they should read this website? As I’ve written before Continental, Virgin, and El Al all offer pet reward programs. Several hotels offer pet loyalty programs as well.

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New Reward Card

The March issue of Inside Flyer (subscription required) notes a new mileage earning credit card Middle East Airlines and Lebanon’s Banque Audi have launched a new mileage-earning credit card. The Banque Audi Cedar Miles Silver card earns one mile per $1.50 spent, and the Gold card, one mile per dollar. New cardholders receive a welcome bonus of 3,000 miles, an extended grace period, travel insurance, life insurance and insurance against lost luggage when the card is used for ticket purchases, as well as purchase protection (Emphasis mine)This seems like an important benefit for anyone carrying a card issued in Lebanon and earning miles on Middle East Airlines.

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African Airline Partnerships

The Air France-KLM merger has significant implications for African carriers.The nascent Wings alliance is falling away, and being folded into Skyteam — so that Air France and KLM will be teamed up with Delta, Continental, Northwest, Aeromexico, Alitalia, Korean, and Czech.KLM controls Kenya Airways and Delta partners with South African. Both could potentially join Skyteam.In the meantime, the rest of Africa’s airlines are a mess on their own.

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Best-ever bonus for Marriott Visa signup

Gary Steiger of Free Frequent Flyer Miles notes: 20,000 points for first use. Call (800) 897-7240. I am unable to find this offer on line. The phone number is dedicated to this offer only. The fee is waived for the first year, and 20,000 Marriott points are good for about 5,000 airline miles or a night at a mid-level (category 4) hotel.

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Northwest Refer a Friend Bonus Miles

Northwest has a new “member get member” promotion — and you don’t even have to refer someone that is new to the Northwest Worldperks program. Refer a friend that has not earned WorldPerks miles for air travel since January 1, 2003. You’ll earn up to 3500 bonus miles for each friend who travels by June 30th, and they’ll each earn up to 3500 bonus miles per roundtrip they take by June 30th.If you’re going to be flying Northwest or KLM (or Alaska Airlines with a Northwest flight code) before June 30th — and you haven’t credited flights to your Northwest account in awhile — and you’d like us both to earn some bonus miles, drop me a note with your first and last name and Northwest frequent flyer number.Naturally you can team up with a…

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