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Office Depot Coupon Codes

Here are several Office Depot coupon codes. Note that the free luggage is combinable with discounts so long as the order is of sufficient size.Free 3-Piece Luggage Set with $50 purchase: coupon code 31639089, expires December 14 $10 off $50: coupon code 23896353, expires December 31 $20 off $100: coupon code 73418862, expires November 30 and excludes memory, drives, and networking equipment $30 off $150: coupon code 52578186, expires November 30 and excludes memory, drives, and networking equipment And of course Office Depot participates in several mileage mall programs, with the AAdvantage Mall being the most lucrative at 2 miles per dollar spent, doubled for payments made with Mastercard by December 31st.

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Double miles on retail with Delta Amex

Nov 27 2004

The Delta American Express is offering double miles on retail purchases from February 1 through February 28, 2005, capped at 10,000 bonus miles. Registration is required. Note that if you pull up the full offer in order to register, the enroll graphic doesn’t seem to be working but the text link (which says ‘enroll’) does.

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Free and Almost Free (After Rebate) from Circuit City

Belkin Single-Outlet Surge Protector: $10 – $10 rebate Philips 700MB/80-Minute CD-Rs (100-Pack): $20 – $20 rebate Belkin F5D72304 802.11g Wireless Router: $65 – $57 rebate Belkin F5D7000 802.11g Wireless Desktop Adapter: $45 – $40 rebate Belkin F5D7010 802.11g Wireless Notebook Adapter: $45 – $40 rebate Remember that if you go to Circuit City via a mileage mall, you earn miles for your purchases based on the original (not after-rebate) price. I recommend the AAdvantage Mall because they’re giving double miles for purchases using Mastercard plus Circuit City is a featured merchant for the threshold bonus of up to 10,000 miles. Free after rebate items are a great way to earn those miles.

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British Airways sales

British Airways is running a 3 day sale on business class (from today through Sunday) from $2000 roundtrip. Through December 2nd there’s also a sale on coach which includes a London stopover on the way to another European destination along with two nights hotel in Lodon.

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I hate marketing doublespeak

Nov 25 2004

The only thing I hate more than devaluing points is being lied to. It’s laughable enough when Qantas describes the gutting of its award chart as “rebalancing.” But now they explain the end of mileage upgrades on discount fares as a way to support its most “loyal” customers. The changes would give “more availability to those business and first class fares rather than just somebody who books a one-off and uses the very bottom, cheapest fare and then upgrades”. “Because it is a loyalty program we’re rewarding those obviously more loyal to us,” the spokesman said. So Qantas is doing this because full fare paying passengers have been unable to buy business and first class tickets? I buy that they define loyalty as high revenue rather than high frequency or fidelity to a single airline.…

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Why you should keep earning miles, in spite of rising award prices

Several days ago I offered a long discussion of why I believe that frequent flyer awards will get more expensive over time, and why the best strategy is to “burn as you earn” rather than building up large balances. I also said, though, that the programs remain a good value and well worth participating in. Several readers asked if this wasn’t a contradiction. I actually believe both simultaneously. Award prices are going to go up over time, so the value of previously earned and banked miles will be diluted. At the same time it’s easier to earn new miles than ever before (part of why prices will go up in the first place) so it may not be any harder or take any longer to earn awards under new reward charts. A decade ago you…

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