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Why don’t airports offer better amenities?

Tyler Cowen wants to know why airports don’t offer showers and other amenities (presumably for a fee) to ease the travel experience. He links to Megan McArdle’s answer (high cost of space) and offers his own (“Airports will sell goods which are complements” the attention of the wealty, “which is otherwise so hard to get.” although why isn’t advertising on planes even more prevalent such as on overhead bins?). Some of Tyler’s commenters have already pointed out, though, that desireable facilities often do exist. Take showers, for instance. Many airport lounges around the world provide them, as a benefit for very frequent flying or with paid membership. Several of these lounges also allow access by the day. The facilities offered, however, are not standard and airlines don’t do a particularly good job differentiating their product…

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Worldperks University Updated: More Free Miles

worldperks university northwest
Aug 27 2007

I’ve previously written about the free Northwest miles opportunities at Worldperks University (here and here) Two new courses, each with 100 free miles for reading short fact sheets about the program and answering ~ 3 questions about those fact sheets, are available. After completing each course there are also additional bonus miles opportunities available. If you haven’t previously taken the courses, that’s 500 free miles. For folks who’ve tracked them all along, it’s another 200 free miles. Thanks to Free Frequent Flyer Miles for the heads up about the new courses. That website summarizes the bonus mile offers on top of the free miles: Complete the WP101: Introduction to WorldPerks course and quiz and earn 100 Bonus Miles After completion, get EXTRA CREDIT MILES: Book and fly one paid, roundtrip itinerary within the next 90…

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Southwest New Member Bonus

Southwest is promoting its new San Francisco service (they used to serve the airport then stopped, offering flights only into the other Bay Area airports) with a new member promotion for its frequent flyer program, Rapid Rewards: start out with 8 credits (halfway to an award ticket) and earn double credits for all flights in and out of San Francisco through October 31.

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40% Discount on Beds at W Hotel Store

The W Hotel Store 40% discount on beds is back through August 31 using discount code WH7G4. This is an employee code, so it’s up to you whether you’re comfortable using it. It’ll work for online orders without difficulty, it certainly has in the past.The W bed itself is the plush top with a featherbed (get the featherbed protector too so the feathers don’t poke you!). But you also have pillowtop for a softer effect. A queen plush top bed with boxspring and frame is less than $750 delivered with this offer.

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Non-travel Happenings

To show just what a dork I am, last night I went to see Weird Al in concert at the Warner Theatre, and was surprised at just how much it’s possible to enjoy something while remaining ironic and detached. On Jenni‘s recommendation, I’ll go see Rocket Science this weekend, and really looking forward to it. Apparently it’s a better debate movie than the one my old coach consulted on. The Washington Post reviewed it today. Yoram Bauman, The Standup Economist has a new comedy routine up on YouTube. I loved his “Principles of Economics Translated”…

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Amex Platinum (and Centurion) adds American Airlines lounge access benefit

American Express and American Airlines have announced a deal where Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders can access American Admiral’s Club lounges (along with immediate family or up to 2 guests) prior to boarding American flights. This adds American to Continental, Northwest, and Delta in the stable of airline lounges accessible with a U.S.-based Amex Platinum card.With Continental, Northwest, and Delta all in the same alliance the Amex Plat was a slightly expensive way to get lounce access compared to buying a membership in one of those programs (which gets you access to all three programs’ lounges, without the limitation of flying on the carrier whose lounge youre using. So getting the card had to be justified by other benefits, such as the Fine Hotels and Resorts program… a valuable feature for those likely to make…

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A New Take on Immigration

A colleague writes* I am on a Continental flight from Houston to Washington and — in the first class cabin — the majority language is Spanish. I am one of only four English speakers. Forget taking our jobs — they’re taking our upgrades! * for the uninitiated I suppose I must point out the tongue-in-cheeck nature of the missive.

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Free Southwest Ticket for Credit Card Signup

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa now has an offer of 16 credits with signup ($59 annual fee). The signup bonus is enough for a free roundtrip ticket. The Small Business version of the card also offers 16 credits as a signup bonus and a $59 annual fee. I believe — though have not verified this myself — that the Southwest Visa can be churned (along with the British Airways Visa, Marriott Visa, and Priority Club Visa). Used to be that all Chase products could be signed up for multiple times, earning the signup bonus each time. That’s no longer the case with the United co-branded cards. But I don’t believe a lockdown on this has taken place with the other Chase products such as this one. Anyone with recent experience, please share in the comments.…

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