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Northwest and Delta Offer Qualifying Mile Bonus For Higher Fares Only

Northwest (register here) and Delta (register here) have jumped on the Double Elite Qualifying Miles bandwagon started by American and followed soon thereafter by United and Continental. Like American and United — and unlike Continental — the offer applies only to tickets both purchased and flown during the promo period. So tickets bought last week, for instance, won’t count. And unlike the other airline offers, this one exludes the least expensive fares from earning double qualifying miles. Specifically, Delta L, U, and T fares and a shifting set of Northwest fares based on region of travel — read the terms and conditions! — are ineligible. Meanwhile, they promote the offer as ‘up to triple qualifying miles’ which is somewhat disingenous, since that applies to the highest fares that generally earn a qualifying mile bonus anyway..…

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United Ends Generous Re-faring Benefit

Back when airlines were fighting against a potential ‘Passengers Bill of Rights’ out of Congress (it seems like eons ago, airlines were seen as too profitable and distanced, much as oil companies were a couple years ago, there’s always a villian-of-the-moment) they introduced their own action plans, giving them the argument that legislation was thus unnecessary. United’s version of this was their customer commitment, mostly vacuous statements but there were a series of policies which were useful to customers. They did allow (and still allow) reservations made with them to be cancelled within 24 hours of booking for a full refund, and now also offer a ‘hold’ feature on their website. My hazy memory says that airline pricing was a big issue at the time, United promised to quote the lowest available fare when queried…

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Continental Gets On Board With Double Elite Qualifying Miles

Continental is now offering double elite qualifying miles as well (registration required). Like the United and American offers, this one applies to travel through June 15. Unlike those offers, the terms and conditions do not require you to actually have purchased the ticket during the promo period. So it would appear that tickets purchased prior to today, but flown March 20 through June 15, will all count towards double elite qualifying miles. No need to cancel and re-book, eating applicable change fees! So… who’s next? (Thanks to D.R. for the pointer.)

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Priority Club’s Annoying Habit of Improperly Denying Points Credit for Stays

One Mile at a Time had to fight for his Priority Club points to post from a recent stay at the InterContinental Grand Stanford in Hong Kong. Priority Club initially refused to credit the points, which didn’t post on their own, even though the booking was made on their own website. They explained, Unfortunately, the room rate paid during the stay in question was deeply discounted and is ineligible for credit to your account. We have provided the link for Priority Club Rewards’ Terms and Conditions below: They also explained that eligible in-hotel spend might earn points, and encouraged Lucky to send his bill in ordetr to credit those points. However, if you have incurred other charges during your stay , you may forward your itemized invoice to us in JPEG or PDF format so…

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US Travel Spend Dropped 22% (annualized) in the 4th Quarter

Anyone who has been watching travel costs and deep discount deals recently, in the US for example in New York and Vegas, knows this anecdotally — but US travel spend fell at a 22% annualized rate in 4Q08. Ouch. But great for bargain hunting. It seems like, as far as deals go (and it’s a great time to Priceline!), it’s 2002 all over again! No surprise that United and American are offering a double elite qualifying miles promo through mid-June. There will certainly be more bonus promos to come.

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Up to 5000 Delta Miles on Avis Rentals

Via Frugal Travel Guy, Avis is offering bonus Delta miles at airport locations through December 31, as follows: Rent for 3 days and receive 2,500 bonus SkyMiles. Use coupon number MUAA132. Rent for 4 days or more and receive 5,000 bonus SkyMiles. Use coupon number MUAA133. It appears that these coupon codes will generate the promised bonus miles, and that they are compatible with whatever standard discount (“AWD”) codes one normally uses, though I can imagine that some discounts you’d find online could in practice void the bonus is those codes normally exclude mileage earning. That’s important, because the offer does also include a ‘discount code’ that promises 25% off rates, though in my experience these codes don’t usually deliver as promised, and sometimes yield rates that are more expensive that what I normally find…

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