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One Way Airlines Make Life Harder That Doesn’t Even Improve Their Bottom Line

Jul 31 2016

The Department of Transprtation ruled about four years ago that airlines can only charge you a single checked baggage fee even when you’re traveling on multiple carriers. If they collect $35 from you and you’re traveling on more than one airline that $35 gets split — instead of letting each airline collect a separate $35.

The fully anticipated result (we cannot really call this an unintended consequence since it was predicted and predictable) was that US airlines no longer allow you to through-check luggage onto other airlines when traveling on separate tickets, at least when those airlines aren’t in the same global alliance.

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Review: Etihad First and Business Class Lounge New York JFK

Jul 30 2016

Etihad first and business class passengers receive complimentary car service both on departure and on arrival in most major cities. This is even offered on award tickets.

We were staying at the Andaz 5th Avenue, and Etihad’s driver (contracted through Empire CLS) was right on time for the ride to New York JFK. We checked in with Etihad, and went through security on our way to Etihad’s gorgeous New York JFK lounge.

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FARE ALERT: New York to Several European Cities From Under $400 Roundtrip

Jul 30 2016

There’s a really great United sale for travel between Newark and several cities in Europe starting at under $400. Travel is permitted on some other Star Alliance airlines as well.

The ‘standard price’ for the current sale on United is $461 roundtrip between, for instance, Newark and Amsterdam this fall. That’s a great deal of course. But you can actually bring it lower…

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What Are the Best Cities to Work from Home?

Jul 29 2016

Here’s some interesting data on cost of living and quality of life by a variety of measures for cities around the world.

You can search just on cost of living, best cities if you’re a single guy (or girl), cheapest, safest (for women), and where you can make the most on Airbnb.

I like their list of best cities to work from home which they call their digital nomad list based on “internet speed, cost of living, weather and fun.” The neat thing is you can filter by your own criteria like beach or snow, cold or hot, and how friendly a city is to same sex couples.

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