How George Clooney Deals With Crying Babies on a Plane

George and Amal Clooney have six month old twins. They were flying to the U.K. with the kids (their kids were born in London in June, and Amal is from the UK).

And they pro-actively “passed out noise-canceling headphones” to other first class passengers along with a note “apologizing ahead of time” on the chance that the twins cried.

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There was branding involved though. The headphones “featured the logo of the actor’s Casamigos Tequila” and a stunt like that is bound to get picked up by People, by Page Six and here.

Quentin Tarantino was on the flight. He’s said to have wore the headphones. But the kids never cried.

The strange thing to me though is that both of the airlines offering three-cabin first class between the U.S. and London — American Airlines and British Airways — offer noise cancelling headphones in first already. Relevant media aren’t reporting the route but it was presumably Los Angeles – London.

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  1. Noise cancelling headphones would make a screaming baby sound louder, actually, by cancelling the drone of the aircraft, lowering the noise floor and making any other sound relatively louder.

  2. I’m really just surprised that they wouldn’t get a private jet instead. More privacy and way more room to spread out.

  3. @ Jon – Flying in a private jet would have made them (and any other celebrities) look like bigger a-holes than flying in first. Probably something that activists like Mr. and Mrs. Clooney want to avoid.

  4. Noise cancelling headphones are distributed in first and business on most airlines to use for free during the flight… $300 cash would have been the right gesture.

  5. Flying BA F rt from US to London in April with an 11 month old infant. We’ll be crossing our fingers he’s quiet the whole time, but I’m dreading a situation where he’s not. I don’t think we’ll be passing out noise canceling headphones since they’ll already be available.

    There’s simply no great answer here. Fly in coach and all of us are a mess, and even more passengers would be burdened with crying. Fly in F and we’ll all be much more comfortable, but we might compromise the experience of those who have paid more for comfort. Skip the trip and we’re giving up lifetime experiences for the sake of convenience. Our goal will be to understand our child and do whatever we can to mitigate his crying.

  6. ATX Joe-

    I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid-taking infants up front robs F customers of a decent ride they paid a lot for in one currency or another. If you want to have kids, you shouldn’t shove them down the throat of others. Just like I shouldn’t sit in first watching juicy porn.

  7. Casamigos is a tequila company co-founded in 2013 by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman. It was purchased in June 2017 by Diageo for US$700 million plus up to a further $300m based on the brand’s performance. so the ‘free’ headsets are a great promo.
    So I suppose he could fly a private jet…who would know?

  8. Such an asshole move taking infant children up to F, settle for J and dont potentially ruin the highest priced seats on the plane.

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