No Frills Airline? Try BYOB! and It’s Illegal for Airlines to Offer Combs for Common Use Inflight

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  1. 21 CFR §1250 is for sanitary things from a simpler time.

    For example, no sharing cups, towels or combs. This isn’t surprising, and is part of the reason why there’s so much waste on a plane. There aren’t facilities for cleaning glasses, so you get single use ones unless it’s for a limited number of passengers, such as in the pointy end of the plane.

    It’s also the same part of CFR that prevents you from intentionally dumping trash or toilets from the air.

  2. Please turn Bonvoy into a verb. For example, if your passport gets stolen you could say it got bonvoyed. Or your hotel reservation spontaneously disappears- must have been bonvoyed. Mysterious hold charges for an award booking appear on your credit card? Bonvoyed. When you’re trying to finally finish something you’ve been working on for 3 or years, but there just seems to be all this noise around the edges… bonvoyed.

  3. Bonvoy commercial just reminds me of this “bing” story from Microsoft:

    Not sure if Marriott laid of anyone for not saying “Bonvoy” in an excited way. What on earth is a bonvoy anyway? Guess some French teacher turned in his grave right after they aired that bonvoy commercial.

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