Get 15,000 American or United Miles Booking Your Next Trip With the Free ETA App

The ETA “Executive Travel App” will give you 15,000 United or American miles for booking your next trip to mark the launch of their Slack integration.

Their target audience is frequent business travelers who book travel for themselves — but anyone who downloads the app and books a trip is eligible for the bonuses.

Between February 25 and March 31, ETA will give you:

These two offers are stackable and you need to make a $200 minimum booking to qualify which includes the cost of flight, hotel, car or any combination thereof. Miles post within two business days of completing the trip.

ETA says their competitive advantage is quickly helping you figure out the trip that’s right for your schedule and preferences so that booking is done in 5 minutes.

  • They integrate with your calendar and know when you need to travel
  • Find you the best value for price and book air, car and hotel with one click

A preferred seat on your favorite airlines? A quiet room at the closest hotel from where you need to be? ETA sorts and filters through hundreds of options so you don’t have to.

Personally I like total control over my trips, though I know plenty of people who prefer to delegate it but don’t have a competent assistant for that.

However for 15,000 miles there’s little reason not to make a booking through them — except that is if you do not have an iPhone. They’ve got an Apple app, but don’t appear to be available for Android yet.

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  1. Gary, for the life of me I can’t find this app when searching the store on my iPhone. There is one sort of clunky looking one with the same name but looks different and has no reviews or any real ranking. Can you ad a screenshot of how it looks?

  2. their customer service agents are not very clear.

    I asked them a few questions and they have not given a clear answer yet:
    1) What constitutes a trip? Can ONLY a hotel stay count as a trip?
    2) Is the amount 200$, inclusive of taxes?
    3) Currently international trips cannot be booked via the app, it can be booked via chat agent only I guess, but in that case will it qualify for this promotion

  3. @Stuart: Gary’s explanation is terrible. In the App Store enter “Executive Travel”. It is the one directly beneath the annoying ad. The owner is JPM Publications, SA.

    It appears to have been written by a non-native English speaker. Lots of grammatical and spelling errors in he text.

  4. Largest operation system for phones and they don’t appear to be available for Android yet?
    With 2.3 Billion Android Smartphones in use and only 216.76 million iPhones. Seems like a waste of resources to do the iPhone first

  5. I’ve never used something like this before, but the app limited my airline choices. The flight I typically take out of my home airport, United ironic enough, was not available through the app.

  6. @Gary Rakestraw: Not at all. Ask a mobile developer and they will tell you the reason that they always do iOS first is that there is one iOS, whereas there are dozens different versions of Android.

  7. @ Gary Rakestraw, there are >750M iPhones in use, but who’s counting?

    Yes, Android is far, far larger, But your iPhone number is wildly in error.

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