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Last Chance For Bask Bank 5000 Mile Initial Bonus Offer

Feb 25 2020

Deposit $1000 and earn 5000 miles in a month. You still have the $1000 in your account (and it keeps earning miles). This offer ends unless you open your account by Saturday, February 29. Starting March 1 they’ll require a $5000 deposit to earn 5000 miles after account opening.

You’re better off jumping on this before the end of the week, when the offer becomes less generous (but still quite good).

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New Business Payment Solution TripActions Liquid Offers Rewards And Seamless Reporting

credit card wallet
Feb 25 2020

TripActions is a corporate travel management and booking tool that travelers seem to like a lot more than suffering through Concur. They’ve just announced their second product, which is a company credit card aimed at business travel and called Liquid. Companies using it in beta include Zoom, Lyft and letgo.

This isn’t a co-brand credit card, they’ve actually raised a $500 million debt facility to finance payments for the TripActions Liquid Visa themselves. This way they’re able to offer seamless integration between payments and travel without a bank getting in between booking, payments, reporting, and control.

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Your Chance To Say What Airline And Hotel Loyalty Program Is Really Best

freddie awards
Feb 24 2020

There are awards where a panel of experts gets together to give out an award based on their own opinion. There are awards where companies pay sponsorship fees and keep winning their sponsored award. And then there’s the oldest and largest consumer-driven awards in airline, hotel and credit card loyalty: the Freddie Awards.

Voting in the Freddie Awards is now open and runs through March 31st. The Freddie Awards are the voice of the frequent traveler. Each year millions cast their ballots for the very best in loyalty, and the industry comes together at the awards ceremony.

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