21 US Airports May Lose Air Service and the Probable Cause of EgyptAir 804’s Crash

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  1. It’s interesting to see that 19 these 21 airports whose EAS is being cut off are in states that voted for Trump. Thank goodness these leeches are getting what they deserve. #MAGA!

  2. Think you buried the lede, and the headline is misleading. A better one would be “egyptians incompetence, obfuscation or criminal negligence continues to hinder investigation”

    Also, the biggest story out of all of these is the change in fan blade testing. First, to me these three points are simply incredible:

    – “9 years after “Miracle on the Hudson,” FAA proposes new test for engine bird strikes”
    – Engines are currently tested at 100 percent takeoff power or thrust, which is ideal for testing fan blades, but does not adequately simulate lower fan speeds used during climb and descent
    _ “The bottom line ultimately is that the airlines in a very cost-competitive industry are reluctant to take on additional safety measures that they view as a burden or an additional cost” – Sully

    All three points just make my head hurt. 9 years? Also, the change in metallurgy and who knows what else may be profound to get these blades to be damage resistant at lower and higher speeds. Like, is it even currently doable – I’m assuming its not, otherwise it would have happened? And there are more issue with new jet engines, fans, etc. now than at any time in the recent past – across all manufacturers.

    Production of jet engines is the major constraint on delivery of airframes right now. Not reassuring.

  3. More than 20 years ago, I bumped myself on a Johnstown-PIT flight. It was hot and there were weight restrictions. There were dollar beers at the airport bar and an hour or so and at least six beers later we were off to PIT on the next flight. I recall there was no washroom on the plane and despite the short flight I was dying to go by the end. A memorable flight.

  4. Outrageous that these airports are being cut off solely because they are Trump supporters. It’s time for hearings. Send emails to Jim Jordan demanding he hold hearings immediately!!

  5. Seems like a lot of EAS to random small towns in PA. It isn’t that big of a state to need all that I wouldn’t think. I also don’t get trying to tie EAS stats to voting. Weird sour grapes.

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