25% – 35% Bonus for Transferring Hotel Points to American Miles

American is offering a 25% bonus on converting hotel points into up to 20,000 miles and a 35% bonus for transactions converting hotel points into more than 20,000 miles.

40,000 Starwood points, for instance, become 67,500 American miles under this promotion. (Just don’t covert more than 60,000 Starwood points per day in order to maximize your bonus. You can’t get more than 99,999 American miles posted by Starwood in a day, and converting 80,000 Starpoints would generate 100,000.)

American’s promotion email calls this an “Unprecedented Offer” .. I’d hardly call it unprecedented when US Airways is offering a 50% bonus on hotel point transfers, and Delta once offered a 150% bonus. So it’s definitely precedented. But still it seems worthwhile if you have a strong need for American miles.

Offer expires June 30, 2010, and bonus miles will be posted within 7 business days after converted miles post to American.

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  1. I’m sure everyone would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this bonus promotion. I just converted 20K of Priority Club gotten in their HH offer. But I don’t see that my major (500K+) holdings of SPG and HH should be moved.

  2. It’s unprecedented with American. The meaning of their statement is obvious. You’re reading too much into that word.

  3. 60K miles transferred ends up being 101,250. So will I lose the 1250, or is that OK since the transfer portion is under 100K and the rest is a bonus?

  4. Does the 35% bonus come into play if I only transfer 20,000 starpoints? That would mean I get 25000 AA miles, so do I get 35% bonus, or only a 25% bonus on the 20,000 starpoints + the extra 5000 that Starwood gives?

    Or should I play it safe and transfer 20001 (or more likely, 21000) starpoints?

  5. I’m in no need of AA miles at the moment, but is it worth moving 40k SPG points into AA miles, or better keeping the SPG points? I’m considering moving 60k SPG points into 5 free nights (cat 3) and 40k + 10k + 35% bonus AA miles, although not sure if I’m better off keeping the SPG points… Thoughts/suggestions???

  6. Starwood seems to have fallen off the list. When I go to the site for sending Starwood points to AA, there is nothing there (any more)

  7. This was posted on 14 Jun. AA promo expires June 30. Transferring Starwood points SAYS it takes 2-4 weeks. Now I have no experience transferring points, maybe it goes faster than starwood advertises.. Or maybe it will be backdated and AA would honor the bonus. I don’t really know. Is this a potential issue?

  8. Date of the activity, not the date the activity posts,is what’s relevant. Initiate the transfer by June 30 and all should be well (though to avoid any problems I would personally not initiate the transfer after Starwood’s close of busienss on the 30th, I do not know the moment at which they’d consider the transfer to have been submitted July 1)

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