25,000 American Airlines Miles for New DirecTV Signup

I last saw this offer back in the fall, so it’s one that’s run semi-regularly, this time with even slightly lower promotional pricing.

The offer runs through the end of April and requires a 24 month contract for an ‘Entertainment’ package (which starts at $30+tax per month for the first year and goes up from there) or a more expensive offering.

It’s available to new customers only and oddly enough no credit card is required in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania.

Not necessarily great strictly as a low-cost mileage purchase deal, but pretty good if you’re in the market for television service. I use DirecTV, much prefer it over my previous provider Comcast, though should probably look at Verizon’s Fios service (which I already use for home internet).

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  1. We had one but canceled the service. They are are so much worse than Comcast or ATT. Very limited channels for sport events, some are even locked. Signals are sometimes very bad, sometimes no signals for a period of 6 or 7 hours. They often offer in terms of miles or cash back or statement credits to get customers. The remote controls for their boxes are so annoying. In our experience, we recommend that you should stay away from this company.

  2. Love direct tv. NFL Sunday ticket is the greatest thing ever imho. I missed on miles though when I signed the deal.

  3. the trick is to order for installation date of 40 days in advance. account is open but not installed and then get the 25k miles and cancel the installation and you paid ZERO.?
    good for those who stay in apartment that don’t allow dish on rooftop.

  4. Verizon FiOS used to offer “Triple Play” with 10K AA miles, no contract, and two month minimum. I don’t know if this deal is still running though.

  5. Sam: good idea! But agreeing to a 2 year commitment and stalling the installation won’t incur a penalty or anything? Has this worked for anybody? Brilliant.

  6. DIRECTV account must be kept current and in good standing for a minimum of 60 days before AAdvantage miles will be awarded

  7. Gary, do look at Verizon Fios. They don’t offer miles for your contract, but they do (at last check) offer a $250- Visa gift card as a sign up bonus.

  8. Any idea if existing Directv customers can cancel, then open new account in wife’s name and get the points?

  9. I would avoid Directv. They are terrible to deal with. They neglect to mention that there is a $15 per month “advanced receiver” fee until you are checking out. Also, the monthly rate for the minimum package jumps by $25 per month in the second year.

  10. I just signed up about 3 months ago. Points posted very promptly without any hassle.

    **You can get the $10 off per month referral bonus (total $100) and the 25k AA points, I did. I don’t know if referral links are allowed here but I added a link to a blog I set up with a copy of the step by step instructions.

    That is my account number, use it if you’d like, use your friends number if you’d prefer.


  11. I’ve had this service for awhile now in PA. They hard pull credit FYI so likely not a solid deal unless you’re looking for service anyway. I think the menu/remote is worse compared to Comcast but haven’t had any big issues with service in the 3 years I’ve been using it. Have been considering Comcast but hesitant in case they’ll waste a credit pull. Need to look into that…

  12. I never thought this would be possible but, after a few years with DirecTV, I miss Comcast. Reception goes down at even the hint of weather, On Demand is confusing and takes forever to load and customer service (if you can ever get through after interminable holds) is horrid. To the last point: They called us one night to try and sell us more services. My wife politely (She does everything politely, no matter how poorly she’s treated.) explained that we were in the middle of dinner and the agent yelled at her. Because many of the agents are overseas, they have no problem hanging up on you, since they know it won’t be traced to them.

    I cannot tell you how exasperating the service is but, now that our contract is ending, our business will go elsewhere.

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