2600 American AAdvantage Miles for $0.00077 Apiece

Via s. the AAdvantage shopping portal is offering $1 trial subscriptions to both Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal each of which offer 1300 miles for signing up.

Here’s the Barron’s offer.

Please note these terms & conditions: Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

And here’s the Wall Street Journal offer.

Please note these terms & conditions: Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. For pay by month subscriptions, eligible on first month only. Not eligible on Marketwatch action. Not eligible on Barons. Only eligible on one subscription per customer.

You’ll just need to set reminders to cancel your subscriptions before the introductory period ends.

Doctor of Credit covers these offers and makes two important points:

  1. You aren’t eligible for $1 introductory offers if you’ve done them within the past 180 days.
  2. Instead of 1300 American miles, you can get $12 from Shop at Home for the Wall Street Journal trial. And instead of 1300 American miles, you can get $10 from Fatwallet or EBates. In each case I consider the miles to be worth more.

Sadly this doesn’t scale…

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  1. WSJ is $1 per week not $1 for 12 weeks so it’s $13 total for both offers, not 2,600 miles for $2

  2. Actually looks like the AA portal (which says $12 for 12 weeks) conflicts with the WSJ portal (which says $1 for 12 weeks). Not sure which one is an error but I am speculating that WSJ is and is currently being fixed because I couldn’t get it to work…

  3. This deal is also on the UA portal, if people would prefer to get UA miles. As pointed out earlier it is $1 per week for WSJ, but 2600mi for $13 is not bad. I also believe once the miles post you can cancel with penalty as WSJ says cancel anytime, but I will just set myself a reminder to do it a little closer to the 12 weeks being up

  4. I did this 6 months ago… Almost the hardest thing to cancel in my life. Still receiving tons of crappy newspaper in my front door everyday and paying $39 a month…

  5. On the Advantage portal offers are listed as:
    “President’s day sale – Subscribe to WSJ for $1 per week for 12 weeks”
    “Subscribe to The Wall Street Journal for just 17¢ per day! Get 12 weeks for $12!”
    Both of these seem to be total of $12
    But when checking out at WSJ the offer says “$1 for 3 Months”

  6. United has a 800 miles offer and AA has 1300 miles offer for Barrons (12 weeks for $1). You can order one from each site with different email addresses. WSJ offer of 12 weeks for $1 is gone/fixed. Thanks Gary!

  7. Great Valentine’s gifts for my husband and my dad! Thanks for the tip. (And from the AA portal, I was only charged $1 for the Wall Street Journal)

  8. I can’t find an answer on the AA site: Is it possible to take advantage of this offer twice from the same account (ie. give gift subscriptions)?

  9. Where is UA offer for WSJ? Only thing I see on UA is Fidelity, Prosper, and LifeLock? Perhaps it’s targeted?

  10. I think its $1 total for WSJ via AA. I just ordered and the email confirmation states “Your credit card will be charged $1.00 total for the first 1 quarter of your Wall Street Journal subscription. Thereafter, service will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged $28.99 per 1 Month.”
    So I guess we just cancel within the 1st quarter and it will only be $1 for 1300 miles…

  11. So I left this morning without completing purchase of Barrons but came home and completed just now. Before I saw the comment about it being deleted. I was able to check out. I hope my points post.

  12. @Ram,

    FYI, it seems as though the United eShopping site is paying out 1,200 miles if you’re a cobrand cardholder (sorry for your loss!)

    Also, the landing page, and subsequent receipt(s), all show $1/quarter for the first quarter, going up sharply afterwards.


  13. WSJ was definitely $1 for 3 months this morning – I got the following confirmation from them this morning – “Your credit card will be charged $1.00 total for the first 1 quarter of your Wall Street Journal subscription”

  14. The Barron’s offer was pulled. I completed my order through the link before it disappeared yesterday, so hopefully the points post. Any idea if they’ll honor them if they pulled the offer shortly thereafter?

    I did the WSJ offer in December. The points posted and I canceled before the 12 weeks were up (mainly because I never received a single issue!). You must cancel by phone, but the process was easy.

  15. Ordered the WSJ offer on the Alaska Air site but have yet been credited the 1100 miles but, of course, charged the fee within 24 hours. It has been 3 weeks. Anybody else have this concern of bait and switch?

  16. Anyone seeing miles post for these transactions? So far I’m 0 for 3 (Alaska, UA, and AA). Peeved about the delay, but I guess it was worth the $3 gamble…?


  17. I haven’t seen anything post yet from the Barron’s subscription. I have received two issue so far, so it did go through, but I’m still waiting to see if AA is going to award the miles, since they pulled the bonus offer so quickly. I got my points from the WSJ subscription last year relatively quickly. Unfortunately, though, I never received any issues of the WSJ!

  18. My AA miles have been credited (but my husband’s have not), both of our Alaska miles have credited, and my husband’s Southwest miles have credited (but mine have not). No idea why some have and some haven’t.

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