3 Cats Ran Loose On A Transatlantic Flight As Passengers Crawled The Floor Searching

ABC Denver reported Jeffrey Cook reported on three missing cats loose on board a transatlantic flight for over an hour.

One cat though was only thought to be missing, and turned up in a passsenger’s bag. But that means there were two cats roaming the aircraft.

You had passengers crawling on the floor looking for cats. I’m not really a cat person, but I can understand it if I replace ‘cat’ with ‘dog’. One woman whose cat was missing screamed “Where is my baby?”

Cook doesn’t share the flight or the airline, however he does suggest one passenger on the floor was in first class. If he’s not confusing first and business class, that limits the airlines. Assuming passengers weren’t breaking the law, pets in cabin aren’t allowed on U.K. flights so we can rule out British Airways. And American isn’t flying any aircraft with a first class to European destinations other than London. So that would mean it was either Air France or Lufthansa.

We know what everyone was thinking, of course: at least it wasn’t snakes on that plane!

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  1. Was flying domestic F on UA about 5-6 years ago and halfway through the flight I feel a slight nudge on the seat back and then an intense pain of claws digging into my scalp. I audibly said “owww,” spun around and there was a startled woman staring at me. I gave her, what I assume, was my most WTF!!!! face possible (didn’t actually say anything to her at that point) and she says… “Please don’t tell.” Aghast, I responded “Please don’t tell? How about, sorry my cat just dug his claws into your scalp?” She still looked like a deer in headlights and said nothing. So I turned around and sat back down, luckily to the sound of her putting her cat back into the carrier. It was a decent length midcon flight so I think I got up 2x after that to use the lav and I could tell she was terrified I was going to tell the FA.

    I’m a huge dog person and even I can’t comprehend why people bring pets on flights. I’d never subject mine to that level of stress. I’m also overly considerate about how it would impact others on the plane (allergies, fears, scalps sensitive to razor sharp claws, etc.).

  2. Attention frequent flyers. The international flying pussy palace has landed. Can you say hello kitty?

  3. Let me see if I get this straight –

    Activists got peanuts banned from many airlines and peanut butter banned in many schools because 2% of children and .05% of adults are allergic to peanuts.

    Yet 10% of adults and children are allergic to cats (about twice the amount allergic to dogs) and activists remain silent about those being on planes.

    Homicide is the fourth largest cause of death in blacks (about 5%). About 93% of black homicide victims were murdered by blacks. Over half (51%) of black homicide victims were ages 17 to 29. Activists have been organizing protests under Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Defund the Police (DtP), inciting burning, looting and murder over statistically rare white on black police homicides, primarily in Democrat run cities, while ignoring that the overwhelming majority of black homicides involve black youth killed by blacks. When you start looking at the numbers you really have to wonder what is the real agenda of activists, including BLM and DtP. Politics? Money? Fame? Activists these days seem to focus on the rare causes and exceptions, and ignore the common causes of what matters. If the lives of those with allergies and those who are black really mattered, the activists seem to be missing the mark.

  4. I remember being on a flight where a bird was flying around and got in first class. I caught the thing and brought to the back of the plane were the owners of said bird just lit birthday cake candles….ah the good ole days…

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