300 Free Priority Club Points

Via Miles Momma:

Get 300 Priority Club Rewards for answering a simple quiz
LINK: http://usa-survey.priorityclub.com/mwpvwj
Question #1 – All of the above
Question #2 – All of the above
Question #3 – All of the above
Question #4 – Over 4,300
Question #5 – 50 nights or 60,000 points

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  1. @szg excuse me? I saw it on a blog this morning, I quoted directly from it, it may well be an old survey but it’s apparently one I hadn’t taken because it worked for me.

  2. @nabeelj hahah well played! Other forums may have even gotten it from me! And I forgot. Maybe I didn’t even do the survey at the time, because it let me take it today.

  3. Thanks for posting. The terms make it sound target. ” This exclusive offer is valid for original recipient only.” Let’s hope it posts.

  4. @mogon Seriously? Great. I posted the deal back in January of last year. Alright, a bit of egg on my face for that but there are still probably people who haven’t taken the survey and gotten the points.

    But that there’s a thread on Flyertalk which hasn’t been posted to since April, what does that hve to do with my posting today?

    I read a blog which mentioned the offer, the system let me take hte survey, I didn’t rememebr it. So I posted the offer.

    If there’s a point, it eludes me.

  5. @szg, hope you will also vocal and thank Gary when you get something good from him 😛

    I rather get the same promo posted rather not getting it.

    Gary, keep doing whatever you are doing. I enjoy your blog.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Le sigh. I haven’t had a freebie set of PC points in some time. Oh wait, I did get 1000 recently from a visa promo (even though I have the visa just for the free night every year). And at least I get my TopGuest points daily. 🙂

  7. Gary — Isn’t it amazing how many nasty, selfish, despicable people there are!!!! You have a full-time executive job. You have provided for years (out of the goodness of your heart) very valuable information for free. (Your credit card referral benefits did not begin until recently.) You use your valuable time to post information about free points. You get zero financial benefit from such a post. And yet some nasty moron complains! You should not have dignified that low-class complaint with a reply. Please know that hundreds (if not thousands) of faithful readers greatly appreciate your efforts. “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

  8. Thanks for posting the links to the quizes.

    For those of you who participate in the My Coke Rewards program, they are allowing you to redeem 160 Coke points for 500 Priority Club points.


    The My Coke Rewards website also says that it is also possible to redeem 630 Coke points for 2000 Priority Club points, but they are out of stock right now.

  9. Well said Alan! A lot of jerks out there just wanting to show how ‘smart’ they are.

  10. I had already done 2 of the 3 but thank you for posting as I earned 100 free points!


  11. Is this USA only?

    I’m from Canada and tried all 3 surveys, but get the following message:

    “Please note: To receive the bonus points, you must provide your membership number and answer all questions. Thank you very much!”

    I doubled checked my membership number and the correct answers posted here.

  12. Thanks, Gary. Don’t let these forum bozos get to you — sure, they may have heard about it earlier, but they do not own the promotion. Keep posting stuff (even if it’s stuff YOU posted yourself last year, hah!). 500 easy points.

  13. Gary – I am a huge fan of yours and have read you for almost 2 years. I don’t comment a lot because I’m such a busy busy Momma. I read & write on my blog in all my “free” time (basically burning the midnight oil) I second that comment that some readers are just “nasty, selfish, despicable people”. Let me tell you the story of my post. I have already done all these survey’s long long ago but one of my readers sent this quiz to me as a kind gesture to give me a “tip” if I didn’t know about it already. So I said, thank you and let him know I would pass it along to my readers in case anyone hasn’t done it yet. Why it would matter that it’s been out for sometime on FT or that you’ve posted about it in the past is beyond me. I think it’s great to share offers that are still available since not everyone always sees things and might have missed that deal when you wrote about it. Don’t we constantly refer people to credit card offers that have been out for sometime but are still ALIVE!! I guess some people don’t value the little deals and realize how much they really add up over a year. I think the nasty comments would not have come if you posted a FREE 50,000 Priority Club point quiz that was out for awhile. What do you think? Bottom line some people just aren’t nice and don’t appreciate the free advice you are giving them. Most people do though! Keep doing what you do. So many people love your blog!

  14. @Chris It does not work for me either even though I am in the US. I even tried on my iPhone to rule out any of my browser extensions or something but it just doesn’t work.

  15. Thanks! Even though it may be an old offer, it’s *new* to some folks. Don’t let the haters get you down.

  16. Gary,

    Indeed this is very old but might still be working for some who didn’t use it.While I appreciate very much your blog I don’t understand why miles momma is credited for this. She and million miles are just plagiators who take everything from Flyertalk.She does not deserve this credit this is old news in flyertalk.

  17. @polarbear I saw it on her blog yesterday, didn’t realize at first it was old and had indeed even forgotten that *I* blogged it a year ago! I credited her because that’s where I saw it, and I copied/pasted what she said about it. Hence the attribution.

    Hardly the case that everything comes from Flyertalk, I don’t even much reach the site these days. There’s plenty there pulled from my blog, plenty pulled from Milepoint even and often WITHOUT attribution.

    I try to give credit where I find something, however.

  18. @Gary, It is a tough crowd visiting your blog. 🙂

    @Stanley, some of the links worked for me and I got an additional 700 points. Thanks for the link.

  19. Sigh, some of the nasty comments just make no sense to me. Can’t figure out why they “waste” their time reading if they find everything so unhelpful.

    Just tried the quiz, but it remembered that it gave me points previously. Still thought it was worth a try and appreciate the post.

    Thanks so much for everything I’ve learned from your blog!

  20. Thanks for posting this. I also took the quizzes last year but I have a friend new to Priority Club and will send this his way.

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