30,000 Delta Miles for New Suntrust Bank Checking Account with Debit Card

Despite the Durbin Amendment, Suntrust bank appears to be getting back into the mileage-earning debit card game with Delta, albeit briefly.

The card is available on several checking account products and has a $75 annual fee. It earns 1 mile per dollar on both PIN and signature-based purchases, 2 miles per dollar on Delta purchases.

Through June 30 there are enrollment bonuses:

  • Opening a new qualifying checking account with direct deposit earns 15,000 miles. (Direct deposit must be $100 or more per transaction, sometimes transfers in from Paypal count as direct deposit but that’s clearly not the intention here. The terms and conditions don’t specify how long direct deposit must be in place, likely best to leave it in place until these miles post.)

  • Opening that account with this debit card earns an additional 15,000 miles after first purchase with the card made by July 31.

The terms and conditions say that the bonuses are available only once per customer. The last time Suntrust was in this game, each additional debit card earned a bonus (despite not being stated that way in the terms and conditions). If I had to guess they’ve closed that loophole, but someone will certainly test it and I hope they’ll report back the results.

(HT: Frugal Travel Guy)

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  1. On the Direct Deposit issue — I’m paid from various clients based on invoices (no regular paycheck). Can I set up some kind of direct deposit to myself to qualify?

    Also, is the debit card useful for overseas cash withdrawals (FX and fee free?)

  2. How does a debit card application impact your credit score? Is it like a credit card application?

  3. I called them to open an account yesterday and after filling the application, I was told that I will have to visit a local branch to complete the process.

  4. Opened 2 accounts yesterday using chat. No problems; funded by bank transfer.

  5. Does it exclude miles for Fed tax payments ?
    That was my big bonanza with the United and AA debit cards back in the old days. Now the remaining mileage debit cards specifically exclude miles for tax payments.

  6. All qualifying checking accounts have monthly fee unless some requirements are met. It is annoying~~

  7. I took advantage of this offer last time and banked with SunTrust while in DC for two years. I grew to like my agent, but overall was not happy with customer service, particularly if I ever had to call customer support in Florida about anything.

  8. I second the question about debit card application, does it incur a credit check?

    Speaking of checking accounts, does BankDirect (is that the name?) still give AA miles bonus for sign-ups? I need to stock up on AA miles for a south america trip. Gary, do you have still have their link that pays you?

  9. Actually this SunTrust offer seems really good. $100 a month Direct Deposit is really not very much even for a year, especially if you can then transfer the money out. The monthly fee is waived with direct deposit. Probably no credit hit? Zero cost. Any gotchas??

  10. @Alex BankDirect still has signup bonuses, I don’t have any referrals available (being referred gives both the referrer and the referred an extra 1000 miles) but I believe the Deals We Like blog does

  11. I just went in to a branch and got both the personal and the business card. There’s no credit check, and the fees if you don’t meet the minimum checking account balances are minimal. Basically $200 for 55,000 miles. Great deal!

  12. Is there a form to sign up for the checking accountand card, or do you completely begin the sign up process from scratch via chat?

  13. just to note the montly fee’s are $12/mo with the Balanced checking and $17/mo with the Solid Choice checking and $25/mo with the Signature.

  14. I just found this and thought I’d share it.

    Yo can get Chase BA card for 50K after 1st spend and 50K after 1st anniversary. Here’s how to do it:
    If you go to ba.com begin booking a ticket, it’s better to do international, at the fifth stage which is payment you should receive an offer for 50k after 1 dollar spend and an additional 50k after paying the 2nd year’s fee. in essence 100k for one dollar spend except it takes just over a year to get the full amount.You do NOT have to continue booking after you apply, simply do not confirm.A few points:1) do not sign into your BA account, if you do not receive this offer try erasing your cookies or using a different browser.2) while you will have to pay two yearly fees for this offer it should be noted that on this app the fee is only $75 and not $95 (total $150 for 100K!!)3) you can most prob cancel in the begining of the second year to get your fee removed or prorated4)in order to be sure that you don’t accidentally book yourself a ticket i would advise a refundable ticket so if need be you can cancel

  15. So it looks like $12 monthy fee unless you have at lease $3000 in Sun Trust accounts. Does anyone know how many months you need to have the account before you can close it with not loss of miles?

  16. Is this really a good deal in the long run? I am new to this and looks like some of the credit card officers are better than this.

  17. Why would Suntrust be doing this in light of the Durbin amendment?

    It’s one thing for a bank to run a program at a loss because they haven’t canceled it yet; it’s quite another thing to give bonus miles to encourage customers to enroll in a program that will cause the bank to lose money.

    How does Suntrust expect to come out ahead with any customer? This seems like an expensive way for them to buy goodwill.

    And they get it, at least partially:

    I’m not seeing the logic here.

  18. @Erica – I would say its a good offer just for the simple fact you get free (almost) miles without a credit pull.

    @Alex – I didn’t see anywhere in the terms that the monthly fee is waived with direct deposit. where did you get this? I hope its true!

  19. If someone could eventually post please; how long it took from sign-up to posting of the 30k points. Thank you

  20. Same question as Damon – I don’t plan to put $3,000 in the account and will eat the $12 fee until my miles post. Trying to figure out my cost/benefit and how long it will be until the miles post. Maybe no one is answering the question because the offer is too new for anyone to have posted their miles. Thanks!

  21. Interesting thing happened over the weekend; after opening my account and had already set up a direct transfer to fund the account; got a letter from SunTrust stating they closed my account and the decision is irrevocable. All the letter states is “in accord with Rules and Regulations, and as a result of information we have received after the account was opened or the unsatisfactory handling of the account, we find it necessary to discontinue our banking relationship immediately.” Will call tonight to find out what the heck this is about.

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