$320 Off Alitalia Flights (Free Flights Within Europe, Cheap Flights To Europe!)

Alitalia has a coupon code PROMOJP worth approximately $320 off most flights.

You have to:

  • Book by October 26th (but I do not expect it to last that long because it is too good)
  • Travel between November 5 and March 7 (but December 20 – January 6 travel is blacked out)
  • Book on Alitalia’s Japan website, entering the promo code in the E-Coupon field at checkout

The promo code is good for 25,000 Japanese Yen.

It works anywhere that Alitalia flies, lots of folks are getting excited over the possibility of booking tickets within Europe because many of those only cost about that much. Some tickets are being issued that are free. I have no idea whether those will ultimately be honored or not.

Others will find it more useful to fly from the US to Europe via Italy, there are New York fares that with this discount will price out at under $300 (for non-upgradeable coach).

Remember, you need to book this on Alitalia’s Japanese website. Go to Alitalia.com and change to Japan. I like doing this with my Google Chrome browser with built-in translation. The Flight Deal blog, where I found this, recommends using two browsers — one on the US site in English to do a mock booking so that you know what’s going on, and a second browser on the Japanese website where you actually make the bookings. If you use this latter technique just remember that the day of the month comes before the month on non-US websites. 🙂

Also bear in mind that you will want to pay for tickets with a credit card that has no foreign currency transaction fees, since your tickets are being booked on a non-US website.

And then wait a few days to make other arrangements to see whether these tickets are honored, especially for flights that do not touch the US where current Department of Transportation rules forbidding cancelling paid tickets when an airline doesn’t want to honor the fare won’t apply (I haven’t kept up on my European law on the subject).

Some will prefer to fly today before the airline even has a chance to decide what to do but I wouldn’t take that approach over a $320 discount.

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  1. It looks like the discount is per person, not per booking. I just booked two intra-Europe tickets that were originally 29880 yen. With the promo code it went down to 0 yen.

  2. +1 for Chrome and auto-translate.

    Of course now the site is getting hammered and there are a few errors popping up every now and then but it’s still working.

  3. i can’t go but i was able to get all the way to the payment screen on JFK to Madrid. after discounf 22540 yen = $284.27

    If only I were single.

  4. Here are the T&C for the Japan PROMOJP coupon code. It doesn’t mention it is limited to Japan use only.


    You for participating in the campaign discount limited 25.000 yen Facebook, thank you.

    E discount coupon code for this campaign:

    E discount coupon code is valid until October 26, 2012. Alitalia – only use our itinerary operated flights only Italy, 25.000 yen discount will apply.
    January 6, 2013 December 20, 2012 are not eligible for discount.

    How to use discount coupon e

    Please send your e-mail address you enter receive e coupon.
    E received a discount coupon code, please record.
    Select the flight, please view the price.
    Since there will be a box to enter a coupon code e, please click RECALCULATE enter.

    e coupon code is only valid for use of the person in question. I can not even transfer etc..”

  5. I can’t get it to work! I’m having a hard time with the translations even with google chrome 🙁

  6. Thank you Gary!

    I have a question. How come when I search for one-way ticket from New York to Roma, the price is ridiculously high (like $22XX). But if I search for return tickets, the price drops to $8XX (similar dates)???


  7. Just booked 2 Rome-Venice tickets for $7.50 each. Used my Chase Sapphire card. let’s hope this goes through. 😉

  8. @Olala This is very common among European carriers. The OW price is more than twice of the RT. In this case you can book round-trip and drop the return leg.

  9. Got all the way through to the end, but received an error message telling me that IE coupon number is different? Any suggestions/help?

  10. I booked a few rt flights from London to various cities in the EU, all for “free”. Yet, when I tried to view the booking (through the Russian site), it says “Ticket is not yet issued. Reservations expires on…” Does this only happen to “free” tickets because I didn’t even have to enter credit card details? Should I boom tickets that are a bit more than $320 just so I can enter my card details to have the tickets issued?

  11. Just booked a roundtrip flight JFK to Moscow for february with connection in Milan for $330

  12. @Ben : Don’t worry. The tickets are confirmed. That’s a glitch with Alitalia.

    For confirmation you have your email AND, you can go to
    And choose “MANAGE MY BOOKINGS”
    and then choose “E-Ticket” and put the 055 in the 1st box and the rest of the ticket numbers in the 2nd box.

    And this will pull up your Ticket information.

  13. @Jay: thanks for the info. I followed your method and did in fact could pull my reservations out. Yet, I just received an email from Alitalia saying:

    “Dear Customer,

    Thank you for choosing alitalia.com.
    We regret to inform you that your ticket purchase has not been processed.
    Any amount debited on your account, will be credited back.

    Your Alitalia Customer Center Team”

    I just got one email though so I’m not sure which reservation has been cancelled. Maybe all of them :(.

  14. Don’t mean to spam but this is way too funny -> I got 5 cancellation emails even though I only made 3 reservations :)).

  15. Yeah I got the same emails. Bummer. At least they were quick and yanked them away in less than 12 hours unlike United with the Hong Kong tickets

  16. I’m a little cross that their email is email contains a lie. The ticket was processed, I received a ticket number and a confirmation email. It was processed.

    Pretending that it wasn’t is just an outright lie. Now clearly they aren’t going to reinstate the tickets (IMHO) but tell the truth!

  17. I recieved the same cancel letter,Let’s complaint to the customer service and the air breau of italy, if some one at italy,sue to the court

  18. If you check your booking on the Alitalia Russia site it looks like it has been cancelled and the ticket numbers removed.

    Using the Saudia website however, the tickets look live.


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