Departing for Singapore, I Can Almost Taste Our Destination of Bali…

Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Singapore, Singapore (SIN)
10:10 pm Lufthansa 0778, Boeing 747, First Class, Seats 81C, 81A
Scheduled flight time: 11h 45m

Our Mercedes van arrived planeside, up a staircase into the terminal and down the jetway where we were handed over to the FAs and led upstairs once again to the upper deck of a 747. And once again to my pre-selected bulkhead seats.

This time the load was 8 out of 16, so 6 other people instead of just two. And the FAs, which weren’t all that memorable on the first segment, were downright disappointing on this one (with one redeeming piece of assistance, in a moment).

Service was rushed. Now, it’s a 10pm departure so passengers may want to sleep. But I’ll let them know when I want their “Dreamer’s Delight” quick service or if I want the full meal presentation…(and, for that matter, — not to be a first class snob but also when I’d like to take it as well). We started our meal shortly after reaching cruising altitude

The flight attendant bringing us our meal kept wanting to serve what I preferred as multiple courses at the same time

She insisted that we should take our appetizers along with our caviar service (on the previous flight, each appetizer was served one-by-one.. on the next LH segment we got the three-tiered tray, but I really didn’t want all together with the caviar!). I politely but firmly insisted that she slow things down a bit. Then she wanted to serve us both our cheese and our dessert at the same time, I asked again to finish my cheese before she brought dessert.

The featured chef was Marcello Fabbri. Dreamer’s Delight menu was Tuna with Curry Dressing and Vegetable Salad accompanied by Goat Cheese Terrine with truffled Zuchini Salad or Eggplanet coated Saddle of Veal with Balsamico Stock and braised Iceberg Lettuce.

DinnerChoice of Hors d’oeuvres
Caviar with the traditional Garnishes
King Prawns and Eggplant Tart with Pesto
Rosted Saddle of Veal in jellied Borlotti Beans served with Balsamico Jus
Goat Cheese Terrine with marinated Bell Pepper servied with Taggiasca Olives

Seasonal Greens with fried mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, carrots and herbs with your Choice of Ramson or Balsamico Dressing

Choice of Main Courses
Saddle of Lamb Medallion gratinated with Parmesan Cheese and Olives, Thyme Jus and Potato Pancetta Pave
Loup de Mer filled with Arugula, served with baked Tomatoes and mashed Potatoes with Olives
Arugula Risotto with Taleggio, Shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions and walnuts
Roasted Duck Breast with Balsamico Sauce, red Cabbage with Orange and Potato Cake

Selection of Cheese and Dessert
Gorgonzola, Peccorino, Taleggio, Livatot and Fougeru garnished with Grapes and Walnuts
Apple Clafoutis with Almond Ice Cream
Mango Caramel Tart with exotic Fruit Salpicon
Speciality Dessert Wines

Over dinner I read the latest Inside Flyer (a few weeks late) and learned that you can redeem 4,000 Choice Privileges points for an AARP membership. Not the best rate of return on a redemption, perhaps, but maybe time to check who still offers senior discounts and what their requirement are…

Incidentally, the crew never gave us our dinner roses. Though it’s possible they were saving the roses for another passenger, across the aisle in 81K. Shortly after midnight Frankfurt time they came over to wish him a happy birthday and they presented him a handful of roses. A nice touch for him, but we never got even one…

It was somewhat difficult finding the FAs during flight to get more water. There wasn’t any on the drink cart, and there weren’t any FAs upstairs in the galley. mrs. gleff actually went downstairs to find someone.

I did, however, get 6 hours of sleep so the flight really wasn’t so bad. Again, I woke up for breakfast prior to landing in Singapore the next day shortly before 5pm.

BreakfastCold and hot Specialties
Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Fresh Fruit

Yogurt with fresh fruit, Crunchy Nuts and Milk

Dialogue of cured Salmon and Salmon Strudel, Parma Ham, smoked Turkey Breast, German, Salami, Yogurt Cheese, Cream Cheese with Chives and Savory Cream Cheese

Scrambled Eggs freshly prepared upon your Request with your Choice of Bacon or Chives

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  1. What great trip reports! As I’ve said, I’m flying on a similar routing: SEA>FRA>SIN on LH, DPS>SIN>MLE>SIN>SFO.

    SQ25 is unavailable in A, FRA>SIN. However, would you suggest standing by for this flight (and the earliest SIN>DPS flight) over experiencing the LH FC Terminal and LH778?

    Is experiencing the FCT worth missing out on arriving in Bali at noon vs. 9pm?

    Feel free to email directly. Hope you’re having fun!

  2. I flew Lufthansa from Capetown to Frankfurt in 744/F and was very pleasantly surprised. The service was excellent yet understated (my favorite way), and plane perfect, and food very good. My only negative was that the way their F seats are configured, you are too close to the person next to you, unless you are traveling with them.

    Thanks for your trip report.

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