3M N95 Masks Just $1.60 Each

I’ve written about buying N95 masks and using them correctly if you’re going to travel. They’ve been expensive, $3+ apiece. However for a traveler putting themselves in indoor congregant settings I think they’re worthwhile.

Quality masks have become much more available, and prices have come down a lot. Over the summer you might have spent $7 to get an N95 mask from the limited places where you could find them.

MSC Industrial Supply has N95 masks at just $1.25 apiece ($25 for 20 masks). Buying just a single box will boost that price by 50% with shipping, though six boxes gets you to a large enough purchase for free shipping advertised on the website with promo code JAN149H (Update: Reader reports this item not eligible for free shipping).

Update 2: The 20 pack for $25 is sold out but you can still buy 50 3M 9010 N95 masks for $80 which is a great price.

I haven’t ordered these myself and they may not be your preferred fit, but it seemed worth passing along at the price.

(HT: Mitch Berkson)

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  1. Thanks, Gary. I just ordered 6 boxes. There is no free shipping on this item, and that was confirmed by the online sales staff. Nevertheless, the price with discount is very fair, as you noted.

  2. @Mon, you should be able to set up an online accpount with the company. If not, contact the online sales person, and they should help.

  3. Yep, unfortunately I get the error “This order must be placed as a quote using the Salesforce COVID-19/PPE Product case process” when I try to purchase them.

    I appreciate the effort to share the info, though – definitely keeping an eye out for affordable (legitimate) N95 masks if/when they become available to the general public!

  4. Thank you for this post – I only purchased two boxes but very fair price. Had to create an account as well as accept the Salesforce quote button (they must track the orders through their CRM) but no issues.

  5. So for 6 boxes, I ended up paying $1.40 per N95 mask. No problem, I’m pleased with this price. Particularly as they appear to be genuine N95 masks from 3M, and not an overseas knock-off. Thanks, again, Gary!

    And I’ll never admit to what I had to pay for an N95 last Spring…

  6. @Gary (and others) – I ended up being able to purchase them after all – after removing the promo code (JAN149H) which I had entered earlier to check if it would work with my order. Not 100% sure if that was the exact issue or not, but either way, they’re now on their way to me. Thank you for the info!!

  7. Thanks Gary. I just ordered a box (had to accept the salesforce thing). I’m in CA and will be flying next month so these are going to come in handy. And you can’t find the 3M brand anywhere.

  8. Thanks Gary.

    Easy after setting up an account for my business. Ordered 3 boxes and they should be here in two days.

  9. People.should be wearing these. The national shortage of surgical masks reportedly ended in December and the national shortage of N95 was projected to end at the end of January or early February so this offer makes sense.

  10. Got this error message when trying to buy in late evening same day blog was posted:
    “We’re sorry but this product is currently not available for purchase online. Here’s how we can help you find this product or recommend a replacement:
    1. Call our Customer Care experts at 800-645-7270 , or
    2. Request an online quote.”

  11. Gee, I wonder if I should buy a box of something I’ve never used in my life and never will. I think I’ll pass. It appears that courage is in short supply in this nation.

  12. If you aren’t in decent shape, good luck breathing through these. Much prefer the 8233 because it’s got a lot more room , seals well, has the cool flow exhaust you can cover with the “blue mask of death” If required. IT’s $8-15 though

  13. @Amazing Larry – KN05s are better than cloth masks for sure, but quality is very variable and don’t seal the same way as an N95 (an N95 goes around your head not your ears). A *3M* N95, reputable manufacturer, and sold from a reputable vendor is what made this deal very good

  14. Did anyone do a reviews check of the company MSC Direct? I just did — they get an F on BBB’s site for not fulfilling orders in a timely fashion. Also, when I called, the customer service rep told me that I cannot return these and there are no refunds once ordered. She repeated it twice. That sent up a giant red flag— along with the BBB report. If your masks come in the mail and are in good shape, please come back here and let the rest of us know. I’m really concerned about scam companies selling shoddy masks.

  15. Hi — to anyone who is curious…I ordered two boxes of the 8210 N95 masks yesterday and they have already arrived. I just ran the box info through the 3M ‘Safe Guard Product Authentication Process’ and it confirmed they are legitimate. So, I would expect the 9010 masks that are still available are likely good as well.

  16. @Andre Thanks for the heads up! If the masks are not the 3M product advertised, MSC will have a bigger problem than just unhappy customers – 3M, the state attorney general, the FTC will all have grounds to go after them. And challenging the credit card charge is usually effective. I’m less worried about slow delivery because I already have a stash of N95s that I use sparingly – but I love them.. My N95s seal so well that my glasses don’t fog up in the cold – minimal zero seepage in or out. So I sprang for a box, and we’ll see.

  17. @exDc
    I hear ya! I got burned on the Amex Hilton Aspire card upgrade “deal”, so I’m gun-shy about everything. I want the N95 masks in the worse way, but I want to make sure they’re legit.

  18. Just wanted to say. Masks arrived and they are the real deal. Fits perfectly and worth buying.

  19. Is everybody aware of the possible consequences???
    These masks are worn only by professionals who have been through an assessment cause any misuse might cause bodily harm!! Maybe not looked at like that in the USA but this has been a norm in most other countries.

    Maximum use 5 x 75 min in one work day with 30 min breaks between. Overall weekly goes as 2 days use 1 day without then 2 days use and another 2 days break, then start again.
    Time reduces with higher humidity (normal 28 deg. Celcius and 78% Humidity)

    Good luck to all

  20. @Ed – these masks are much better than the masks most people are wearing. and the need to change them out regularly is why it’s important to buy a decent supply at a good price.

  21. Go ahead and add my voice to those saying their masks arrived and are 100% legit (was honestly pretty quick, too).

    Added benefit in addition to being safer: finally a mask I can breathe in without fogging up my glasses! I can exist in public and *see* at the same time! Great fit/seal; very happy with these.

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