47,000 Points for $136 and Very Little Work

About 3 weeks ago I mentioned an offer where you can get 47,000 IHG Rewards Club points for $47.

Buying 94 notecards, envelopes, and stamps you can register for the IHG Rewards Club Priceless promotion. Then handwrite the following on each card:

  • Full Name
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Day Phone Number
  • Evening Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • IHG Number
  • First 6 Digits of MasterCard
  • Date of Birth

Then mail each card separately (ideally handwriting the address) to: IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion, c/o HelloWorld, Inc., P.O. Box 5996, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5996

Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

At a minimum you should receive 500 points per entry. And a very cramped hand.

Reader Edward Uken decided to offer a service to do the work for you. He initially suggested an all-in price of $156 ($100 for labor, 56 for materials/stamps) and offered $20 to me for each person that signed up. He agreed to just reduce the price by $20 instead.

So for $136 he’ll do the work that should yield 47,000 IHG Rewards Club points ($0.0029 cents per point). I consider the points worth $0.006 apiece, the cheapest I’ve seen IHG sell points for is just below that. That makes a PointBreaks night cost $14.47 and a 40,000 point redemption $116.

Intercontinental Boston

If you’re interested, here are his instructions:

    It’s easy, register at IHG to make sure they get credit for the mailed entries

    Pay via PayPal for the Mailing Service ($136)

    Fill out the form so we have the information to hand write and send out 94 envelopes w/ entries to IHG

    Once we’ve fulfilled the order, we’ll send an e-mail out with a photo of all the envelopes we hand filled and as long as IHG processes the entries their points should show up in a few weeks.

    We’re not affiliated in any way with IHG, just handling the laborious task of filling out entries by hand and mailing them off. The rest is up to IHG for making sure points are applied, etc. We can’t guarantee any part of that process, only that we’ve mailed out 94 entries to IHG.

For avoidance of doubt I don’t benefit in any way if you choose to take advantage of this offer. You’re giving them personal information, though for what it’s worth I’ve found both the reader and other members of his family and consider them reputable enough that I’ve gone ahead and done this myself.

Intercontinental Singapore

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  1. Mailed my 35 letters on 11/16 and just got 30 email responses today. After playing the game I got one 5000 point win, a few 2000 points and the rest were for 500 points. Total on 30 entries was 24500 IHG points. They must just be really backed up and its taking a lot longer then the 5 days they promised. But I’m mailing my other 64 entries today, and maybe a couple extras for good measure. I think I might even send in for my wives account too.

  2. Sent mine in back in the middle of December and still nothing….just emailed IHG today to see what they had to say and am awaiting their reply.

    Gary….perhaps you could do a follow-up with them as you may have some connections that your readers don’t?

  3. To be clear was not talking about the points posting…was referring to the fact that there has been no additional communication at all (receipt of the emails they mentioned would be sent within 5 business days after receipt of entries )….we’ll see what happens I guess….

  4. the Google Form in the link does not have an address category, but worth noting, as outlined in your post, the T&C require that the full mailing address is submitted.

  5. This morning, I received a batch of emails (62) as my first response to my 94 entries. Apparently, you have to click through each email, then choose a “floor” and then see what you get. My first 7 or 8 clicks yielded me 500 points on each (the default prize, as I understand it.) But the next 3 told me that I hadn’t won, with no mention of the 500 points.

    Are there completely losing entries in this promotion? Is there a limit to how many times you can click through on a given day? I don’t know the answers but I am surprised by my results to date.

  6. IIRC the odds of winning the minimum prize of 500 points is 1:1.18, so there will be some entries that don’t win anything

  7. Happy to report, I got a batch of 14 e-mails today from IHG. 12 x 500 rewards and 2 x 1000 rewards. At least all is not for nought. Submitted this batch right around Xmas, so took about a month for these to hit. This has been fun. 🙂 Thanks, Gary, for the coverage!

  8. Gary, hi you helped me a few years ago for flights to Africa. You were very helpful. I’m very frustrated I’m trying to book flights for my son and his future wife from new. York to Bangkok on dec21 and home jan5 Maldives to New York either business or premier economy or upgrade. I’ve spent hours. I’d appreciate ur help and of course I will reimburse u for ur services like last time .

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