Gettin’ Sick and Tired of Those Cats on a Plane!

A cat got loose in first class on a Delta flight this weekend. The flight attendant up front was not amused. And it took a surprisingly long time for the cat’s owner, with noise cancelling headphones on, to come up and claim her kitty.

The passenger who caught this on video dubbed it: “What a CATastrophe.”

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. Why does the flight attendant act like the cat is some sort of cujo that wants to kill her? It’s a cat, pick it up by the scruff and find it’s owner. Seriously, jeez.

    Oh, and yes, as BBTB said, Less annoying than children…

  2. I don’t understand why if someone on the plane is allergic to peanuts – most of the time all of the other passengers are told they cannot have peanuts to eat.

    However if someone is allergic to cats or dogs – all of the other passengers must endure their hardship to the satisfaction of the pet owners.

    Cats and dogs don’t belong in aircraft cabin. This world is upside down.

  3. Someone let their cat loose once on an AA flight and whenever it got near me I kicked it. To be honest I wish I kicked harder.

  4. I once watched a flight attendant chase a chihuahua down the aisle! Apparently someone couldn’t bear to leave “Snookums” in his container. I agree flying is enough of a hassle without having to deal with pets.

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