US Airways Group No Longer Exists

US Airways was integrated into the American passenger service system back in October.

Dividend Miles accounts were integrated into American AAdvantage back in March. US Airways Dividend Miles numbers are no longer accepted by American Airlines for new reservations.

There’s still merger work to do, however. For instance,

  • Crew scheduling systems remain separate. Although every flight is an American flight now, for the most part legacy US Airways employees will fly (and service) legacy US Airways aircraft.

  • American still needs to integrate the technology responsible for who flies where, and that will be running through next year.

  • They also have to combine seniority lists for pilots. Today US Airways East, US Airways West (legacy America West) and American pilots all fly separately. US Airways never managed to combine seniority lists after the America West merger but this merger – with raises for US Airways pilots – gives everyone a shot at hitting the reset button.

And while American is making slow progress in presenting a unified product, they desperately need to retrofit the US Airways fleet with extra legroom coach seats.

One more merger milestone was quietly reached at the end of the year, however. The US Airways Group was merged into American Airlines Group and no longer is a separate company.

American Airlines Group, the owner of American Airlines, said US Airways Group and its airline U.S. Airways ceased to exist as a separate entity effective Dec. 30, 2015.

…The change is merely an administrative step and does not affect the company’s employees or customers, American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller told Reuters.

“With US Airways merged into American Airlines and U.S. Airways Group merged into American Airlines Group, all of their obligations (including debts and liabilities) become the obligations of American Airlines and American Airlines Group, respectively,” Miller said.

May the corporate structure rest in peace.

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  1. regarding the pilots, this will be much easier then before, since AA had more pilots then US (east) and this will force the US (east) pilots to except what happens. But in the long run, the merger will make both US (east and West) pilots happy since AA pilots were making more money then both US pilots groups.

  2. That’s so odd, because just this morning I read a brand new blog post from a Thought Leader in Travel who informed me that I could use Citi ThankYou Prestige points “on American or US Airways at 1.6 cents apiece.” And now a Thought Leader in Travel tells me US Airways has disappeared altogether! Who knew?

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