Nude-o-Scopes Come to Congress

The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center now has nude-o-scopes. (HT: Dan R.)

At least two full body scanners can be seen in the entrance of the House chamber section of the Capital Visitor Center just before members of the public enter Emancipation Hall.

It’s unclear if the same goes for the Senate side, because that chamber is not in session. Members of the public used the House entrance to gain access to both galleries this week.

The scanners, unpopular with privacy advocates who deem them unlawful strip searches, are similar to machines used to screen passengers going through airport security that in recent years have replaced metal detectors.

Just like the TSA, they’re using L3’s ProVision2 Advanced Imaging Devices.

The TSA — despite these nude-o-scopes — misses 95% of the contraband passing through airport security checkpoints.

TSA agents have been known to manipulate the machines so they could fondle attractive passengers. The machines can easily be fooled with a sewing kit (which the TSA doesn’t deny). And fooled by leather underwear. And fooled by tape.

Yet somehow Members of Congress will feel safer. Although I imagine there are some senators who will want to ‘play security screener’ for a day. Paging Bob Packwood, please return to the Senate chamber…

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  1. It would be interesting to see the GSA run tests at the capital a month from now, see if the capital police fare any better. That would be evidence whether the horrific failure rate from the airport tests was due to bad technology, or TSA human error.

  2. I think all of the congressmen and women need to go through that thing every. freakin’. day.

    “Good morning Congressman Johnson. Must be cold out there this morning, eh?”

  3. Oh the irony of unconstitutional nude-o-scopes being used to screen those at the Capitol. So security theater has arrived at the home of political theater.

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