Delta Flight Attendants Got Into Fist Fight, Removed From Plane

A week ago I wrote about a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis that diverted to Salt Lake City due to ‘unruly crew’.

The pilot was said to have told air traffic control that “he wanted to hear from his flight attendants.” Forty minutes later the plane was on the ground. After an 80 minute delay the flight continued to Minneapolis — apparently with replacements for 3 of the cabin crew. Delta then sent an apology note to customers for ‘team members’ who ‘did not display their best behavior.’

We now know what happened between the crew.

The Aviation Herald learned that two flight attendants disagreeing over work issues engaged in a fist fight, a third lady trying to calm the other two down was hit by the flying fists, the purser informed the flight deck and the captain decided to divert.

These were flight attendants, of course, primarily there for your safety.

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  1. The two warring Flight Attendants should get FELONY convictions for

    – not obeying each other’s flight instructions
    – tampering with a flight
    – being hypocritical assholes

  2. Holy awesomeness batman I would love to watch flight attendant fist fights on every flight! I mean talk about adding excitement to the airline industry. Seriously if fight club airlines existed there would be no question which airline I’d be buying tickets for!

  3. Delta does not charge too many Skymiles for flights given staff now provide live entertainment.

  4. now I expect your full coverage which must include full name and the building where these people are living.

  5. Did the customers sitting closest to the fight get charged an extra fee for the in flight entertainment?

  6. Favorite line is “These were flight attendants, of course, primarily there for your safety.” But I have to give it to the Crew and Delta for not blaming passengers for this and having them(passengers) arrested.

  7. There are so many FA stories and other flight stories that we need a TV series based on FA and have it based on true stories or a FA reality show. Real Flight Attendants. Or as to this last story Real Fight Attendants.

  8. I was on the plane. It was not about schedules. It was about mike high club with the pilot.

  9. It’s weird to have a Delta post on this website without a photo of a column and a Delta aircraft in the background, this will take some getting used to.

  10. I’m an FA myself. We are there for passenger safety. That’s our number 1 concern at all times. I don’t agree with how those 2 acted. As I’m sure everyone else can agree. I believe that If you already know something may happen, don’t fly together. Or just stay professional until your trip ends. Hopefully, in the future it doesn’t happen again on another flight.

  11. I was on a delta flight to Florida. Just before the seatbelt light went on, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was making my way back to my seat, this cranky attendant yelled at me to sit down. I tried telling her I left my purse on my seat, and I wanted my purse. (silly of
    Me Not to take it with me). I wanted to get it before people got up and started to disembark. She turned her back on me. So I tried quietly to walk up to my seat. She once again yelled at me. When I got inside the airport, this very nice Man approached me and asked how
    my flight went. I said fine, oh, but the attendant yelled at me, and I explained what happened. He told me he was the Air Marshal, and the attendant had called him because of my action. He told me, she probably overreacted, but when in the air, she was total authority. I was really offended by her actions. I have flown business class, no one up there is ever told to take their seat. The light goes on, but most everyone is getting their things together to disembark. They have cart blance to do anything they want. So, there sure is a double standard!

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