5 Strange Facts About The Airport McDonald’s That Doesn’t Serve Burgers, Re-heats Meals

McDonald’s adapts to local conditions wherever they open. Whether it’s French-inspired items in French Polynesia, or delivery bikes in Asia. McDonald’s also has a long history, and makes a lot of sense at airports because of both the worldwide familiarity working well for travelers and the quick service model being great for a fast bite before and between flights.

The new McDonald’s in the Tel Aviv airport really is unique though in several ways.

  1. There’s a McDonald’s in terminal 1, which is largely for domestic flights and low cost carrier flights to Europe. However it is not allowed to sell burgers, because since 2011 the exclusive right belongs to Burger Ranch.

  2. A new McDonald’s is now open in the terminal 3 duty free area. They have approval to provide kosher food on Shabbat thanks to certification from the Chief Rabbinate. They operate the same way a kosher hotel does, cooking the food before Shabbat and reheating it in an oven and ensuring that the staff isn’t Jewish.

    There are other airports where McDonald’s staff probably aren’t Jewish

  3. This new McDonald’s has several self service kiosks that are spread throughout the terminal so you can order your food wherever you are and then pick it up – using the transit time over to the restaurant for the food to be prepared. This is a first anywhere in the world for McDonald’s. No McDelivery, however:

  4. The kiosks not only take credit cards but also Israeli shekels – and will be adding U.S. dollars and Euros as well.

  5. McDonald’s will be opening a second terminal 3 location as well in the Sky Hall.

Credit: Jonathunder via Wikimedia Commons

The McDonald’s in terminal 1 isn’t the only one that doesn’t serve beef, of course. That’s common for McDonald’s in India (where you’ll find some awesome fry dips).

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  1. The Croque McDo is a travesty to its namesake sandwich. Even after adjusting expectations way downward…

  2. Somewhat related but I remember many years ago when food was still served on UA in Economy that one was able to order Happy Meals as a choice. My two sons are now in their thirties but when they were children, they loved eating Happy Meals while flying. Your photo of Ronald McDonald in the airplane may have been the toy surprise inside the UA happy meal.

  3. Now serving “ Veggie Bites” ( ‘Vegan Approved’, whatever that meals), at least in Dublin ( So I read in the ‘paper, I wouldn’t set foot in such an establishment…)

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