500 Free Hyatt Points For Meditating Are Now Posting

Hyatt points for opening up their app on December 9th and playing a brief Headspace recording are posting. I’m surprised by the IT that made this work as there was no registration or indication on the app that they’d be bonusing this, just separate communication from Hyatt.

I just opened the Hyatt app on my phone, turned off the volume, and let the Headspace 10 minute ‘sleep’ sequence run for 500 points. There’s nothing in the app that talks about earning these points, and no registration to complete.

Hyatt acquired Exhale spas and offers a World of Hyatt partnership. They also have a content alliance with Headspace, giving members trial Headspace access for guided meditation. Mindfulness, cleansing, nurturing in non-Covid times have been ways to earn a revenue premium, helping guests create a narrative about themselves that moves beyond providing them a bed for the night.

My wife would attest that mindfulness is hardly my area of focus. You might even say that I couldn’t find ‘true north’ if I was firmly planted in the Arctic with a compass.

Nonetheless I’ll open up the Hyatt app on Wednesday because of an opportunity to earn 500 free Hyatt points. World of Hyatt shares that Wednesday, December 9 is their “third annual Global Day of Gratitude” and members who complete a guided meditation from Headspace on that day will earn 500 points.

  • Open the World of Hyatt app.
  • Complete a custom Headspace exercises (“Unwind, Reflect or Sleep”)
  • Receive 500 points

These (3) exercises are free and do not require a trial subscription. (They also offer a 30-day trial subscription to Headspace with promo code HYATT valid through December 31, which renews automatically at $12.99 per month.)

I think I can tell my phone I’m sleeping for 500 points, which I value at ~ $7.

Hyatt also “is encouraging guests, members, customers and colleagues around the globe to take a moment to show gratitude by visiting hyatt.com/gratitude to send a “Gift of Gratitude” message to someone for whom they are grateful or who has made a difference in their lives.”

This “Gifts of Gratitude” website will be open year-round, allowing anyone to share multiple gratitude notes to anyone in the world on an ongoing basis. We hope this encourages people to embrace gratitude as a mindset to celebrate today and every day!

I’m not sure I need Hyatt’s help to say thank you but it’s worth the reminder that a little extra kindness is always appreciated.

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  1. The Hyatt app is incompatible with older iPhones. They forced an update a few months ago, killing the version that worked on my iPhone 6. That was an urgent effort, but I had hoped for later rollout of a version I could use. I guess customers like me were not worth the expense of developing a compatible version of the app.

    I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars to replace a working phone just to get 500 Hyatt points. So far Hyatt is the only company to leave my iPhone 6 behind in its app support. Heck, most travel providers still support Internet Explorer 8 and other old browsers.

  2. I hope that completing a “guided meditation from Headspace” does not actually annoy me, but I guess I’ll plan on doing it for 500 Hyatt points if others say it’s reasonably pleasant and quick. 🙂

  3. @Daniel : I like having a earphone jack on my phone. I use it often. Funny thing about wired earphones: You don’t need to charge them.

    I could blame Apple for stranding me at iOS 12, but so far Hyatt is the first company to leave my iOS 12 behind. Online sellers of products and services are ordinarily MUCH more accommodating of older operating systems.

    I love Hyatt and I’m at one right now, but I wish they would have used the last few months to rework their app to restore older iOS compatibility. I really liked their app.

  4. @nsx : Thanks for letting us iPhone 6ers about that flaw before we wasted our time.

    I will continue to relax by plugging my noise cancelling headphones into the jack!

  5. The first exercise “Unwind” is 5:00 long, the other two are 10:00 each. Points do not immediately post.

  6. Please ignore above post. I was one day early, the promotion is not until Wednesday 12.9.20. D’oh.

  7. I really love the Headspace app. At the very beginning of the pandemic, I bought an annual subscription and soon after, my wife’s employer announced they would pay for a subscription. It’s worth it – I use it almost every day.

  8. Stupid question…how do you sign OUT of the Hyatt app. I can’t find the SIGN OUT button for the life of me (android device if it matters)

  9. Actually very peaceful to listen to. Nice.Wonder how long it will take to post the 500 points.

  10. When I click on the promo in the App, it says “page not found.” But the meditation links are displayed on the home page, and I (silently) ran one. We’ll see if I get any points. It feels like it’s almost impossible for any company to effectively run an online promo like this. They probably shouldn’t try.

  11. My 500 points were posted as
    “Day of gratitude bonus”.
    A more interesting question is when the night would post after crossing $15K spending on Hyatt visa?

  12. Got my 500 points and I also got the cat 1-4 free night for spending $4K bonus! Talk about timing.

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