500 Free Points, Delta’s Amazing Finances and Crap Service, and Virgin America to Charge for Carry-Ons?

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  1. Regarding carry-on space being paid for with your ticket, I think it’s pretty clear that the notion of what your ticket gets you has continued to evolve. I’m sure 10 years ago, most passengers thought their ticket got them a checked bag. I agree that logistical hassles will probably mean that this won’t happen, but it’s a pretty good point on a spot in the value chain that isn’t currently being recognized.

  2. They do seem to be doing well financially, and sharing it with current employees. It’d be nice, however, it they’d live up to their commitments and fund the retirement plans of past employees whose plans are chronically under-funded. They’re making money off our backs to some degree, and can’t simply depend on the PBGC to act as a backup.

  3. 02nz- This is the forum about frequent flyers and points. I think you are looking for the Anal Retentive Spellers Extravaganza forum, or ARSE.

  4. “Akbar al-Baker really should just keep his mouth closed when his US rivals are politically self-destructing on their own…”

    I agree that Al Baker is his own worst enemy, but his US rivals are certainly not “politically self-destructing.” To the contrary, their lobbying efforts have been well played so far. Their handling of Congress should be taught in a Lobbying 101 course at the Kennedy school. Just check out today’s developments:


  5. Finally an airline has recognized that carry-on bags are the most expensive thing they offer besides the seat and is going to charge for it!

    The difference in time to unload and load an airplane in the U.S., where everyone carries the entire contents of their closet onboard due to baggage fees, and in Asia, where most people check-in bags, even the smallest ones (no baggage fees), is staggering. As a result a U.S. airline has a $100m+ aircraft stuck on the ground waiting for people to offload and onload their carry-on bags, all of this at a great cost.

    Charge for them, I say: it only makes sense!! I bet DL, AA and UA could each run the same schedule with one or two less aircraft if they started charging for carry-ons, leading to more people checking bags. And TSA lines would get far shorter. Finally, why should passengers who check-in bags or are on a day trip with no bags subsidy those gumming up arrival and departure and TSA lines with their huge carry ons?

    This is a GREAT idea. Kudos, Virgin America!

  6. gary please stop the clickbait

    Does one reader out of ten thousand care about a measly 500 Quinta points?

    Even Elliot is better than you the last couple of months

  7. @iahphx – US airlines managed to get members of congress to send a letter? shocking. they’ve played well *to you* maybe, since you seem so easily swayed by the thin arguments.

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