500 Free Points, Old Planes That Still Fly, and Spirit Airlines Ready to Kick United’s Can

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  1. I think the Flex perks video offer is a scam. I clicked on the link, played the video, and at no time was there an opportunity to input my account number for the bonus points.

    So I emailed from the link on that page and asked how to do it, and have yet to get an answer. I suppose I could call US and try to get it posted, but how much effort do I really want to put into getting 500 Flex points anyway. Probably what they are counting on… 🙁

  2. When I click on the email it takes me to a page that actually shows my Flexperks number at the top. Most invitations like this are smart enough that you don’t have to input your number.

    I’ve never had US Bank fail to issue points (unlike some hotel chains, etc.). You probably haven’t either and are in a state of pure conjecture. Report back when you get your points. Granted it will be about 2 months, but they tell you that.

  3. Interesting that US Bank employees read this blog. 🙂

    I didn’t get an “invitation”, hence no prepopulation of my Flexpoints number. I tried to do this yesterday thru the link on Mommypoints, that Gary linked to today. It took me to the video, which I played, but there was no way to input my FP #.

    Today the site seems to actually be functioning, after a fashion. The same MP link today takes me to a page to sign in with my FP #, then gives me a link to the FAMDO page. So after I went to the work of finding and inputing my FP #, and no, the US website will not let you cut and paste it, you have to find and type in all 12 numbers, I followed the link to FAMDO. Guess what? No video to be found. Instead there is this:

    “Use your U.S. Bank FlexPoints® to pay allowance to your kids. Sign up for FamDoo today and get 500 free allowance points. 500 points = $5 SIGN UP NOW.

    So instead of just watching a short video, they want me to fill out a multi-page sign up for an account with a program I know virtually nothing about. I can’t believe I’ve already wasted some 15 minutes on an offer even they admit is only worth $5, and still haven’t gotten anywhere.

    This is the last US Bank promo I waste my time on. 🙁

  4. Robert – When I click “500 Free FlexPerks Bonus Points” in MP I go straight to my promotions (just like with the email), not the video. No idea why it would act different for you.

    You sure do love the emoticons.

  5. I’m glad it worked for you. But it didn’t work for me, and apparently not for Rapid Travel Chai either.

    And yes, I do like me some emoticons.(sic)

    For some reason, people reading my comments can’t see the look that was on my face when I wrote them. But they can see the emoticons. 🙂

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