500 Free Priority Club Points for International Shopping E-Newsletter Signup

When I first saw the offer of 500 Priority Club points from their shopping portal, my first thought was ‘uh oh’ the toolbar rears its ugly head again.

But no, the international shopping site is offering 500 free points for e-newsletter signup.

Offer is valid through September 15 and there’s no mention of how long it will take to get the points, definitely wait to actually receive the points before unsubscribing.

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  1. When I clicked the subscribe now button it takes you back to the US site. And then you log in. I did and then subscribed to the newsletter. We’ll see if this works.

  2. Ditto to previous posts. I was already logged in at priorityclub.com. I think opened inprivate and went through the process using wife’s info, same screens except I had an extra step to login at priorityclub.com. we’ll see!

  3. and after posting that, I went to my PCHshopping account and found
    “Priority Club Shopping email opt-in Bonus 06/27/2012 06/27/2012 $0.00 500”

    email opt-in is a requirement for this bonus. We’ll see if I get another one!

  4. Now their site is down. Yet another poorly planned promotion. Thanks for the heads up though.

  5. Haven’t seen the notice pop up like Steve got yet, but Priority Club Rewards allows you to shop in store and get a bonus as if you were shopping online?!? Is this the only program that has this feature? I don’t have UR Mall but with all the sites that blog about it I’ve never seen this as a feature. I know PRC points aren’t nearly as valuable, but if they allow you to earn bonus points on top of the multiplier you already receive in certain categories, does anyone see this feature coming to other malls i.e. MR Earn (if it ever returns)

  6. @Victor: UR Mall also has this feature..as well as the United MileagePlus Shopping Mall too… all of these malls are run by the same company, so the updates/features are all pretty much the same across the board. The only difference are the point modifiers being different per program and the specials. Unfortunately the offers for earning in-store are usually pretty limited.

  7. Even after reading these comments, it’s not clear to me how to sign up for the newsletter. I don’t see a link on the shopping home page.

  8. Thanks for the tips as always, Gary!

    Priority Club has never been known for their stellar IT work. The whole ability to “enroll in every promotion under the sun” thing is the biggest evidence of that. Having difficulty signing up for a simple newsletter doesn’t help, either.

  9. Hi Gary it’s Oct 21 and way back when I saw this promo I knew that if I were dealing with Cartera, I would probably get nowhere fast. Just the same my wife and I signed up each of our PC accts separately for this promo. She got conf emails, I did not. Both of us followed the steps as instructed. No points. Kinda knew that would be the case but nothin, nada, no way. I should know better. But hey, whatever.

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