5000 Free Membership Rewards Points for ‘Pay Over Time Option’ Signup Extended

Via Free Frequent Flyer Miles, the American Express offer to sign up for ‘pay over time’ with your Amex charge card in exchange for 5000 Membership Rewards points has been extended through April 30.

You can only earn the bonus once per Membership Rewards account. Most people with American Express Membership Rewards — and more than one Membership Rewards-earning Amex — have just one Membership Rewards account where the points are pooled. In that case you can’t earn the bonus per card, but rather just once.

And this offer applies only to charge cards — the ones where you otherwise have to pay off in full each month, which you should do anyway. You should consider signing up for this offer, it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up. But only if you are willing and able to keep yourself from actually using the option to pay over time.

The offer does say that it is targeted though several readers have told me in the past that they received the bonus even though they hadn’t received it directly from American Express. So fair warning that your mileage may vary.

Offer only available to Cardmembers who have received a communication directly from American Express for this offer.

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  1. “None of your enrolled Cards are eligible for the Extended Payment Option.”
    Oh well, it didn’t hurt to try.

  2. How exactly can we enroll? I have the Business Gold which is a charge card but once I clicked the link and followed, in the end, I am in the Account Home page and nowhere mentioned about the Extended Payment Option.

  3. This feature was offered to me during the activation of my new Amex Platinum card, without the bonus (I got in on the 100K offer). Can’t remember if I took them up on it, but will check to see if the link works for me.

  4. hmmm… not sure about the source of your info but i have gotten the bonus twice, first time 5k points, second time 10k points (2 different cards, same mr account).

  5. Darn…”Unable to approve your request.” Perhaps b/c the account was just opened during the last 100K bonus?

  6. Erik’s link above worked for my Business Gold card. We’ll see if the 5000 points materialize. Now, if I remember from some years ago, this “service” ends up shifting >$100 purchases to a sort of nebulous area of your statement, and it’s easy to mess up and pay the $<100 purchases and think you've paid your bill. For those of us who prefer to pay the bill in full, be sure to pay BOTH balances each month….

  7. The prior version worked for me – this one doesn’t (‘unable to approve’) for two new charge cards. Worth a try though 🙂

  8. Personal plat card but getting this: “We’re sorry but we are unable to approve your request..”

    too bad

  9. Does this result in a credit pull? I don’t want to do it for the little points if it does. But if not it is worth it.

  10. @Erik,

    Thanks. The 1st link said I had no cards that could be enrolled but the link you sent worked for my Business Gold Rewards card.

  11. My 5k bonus posted on Jan 21 which was 4-5 days after I enrolled. That couldn’t have been easier (though I needed Erik’s link)… Thanks for the tip!

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