6 Year Old Demands Southwest Airlines-Themed Birthday Party

Southwest Airlines has long had a ‘fun’ motif. That’s been part of the culture from the beginning, and was fostered by their underdog position – the big airlines sued to keep them from ever flying, they struggled early on and had to pitch together to keep a four-plane schedule even after giving back their fourth plane.

Though they grew to became the largest carrier of domestic passengers in the United States, the early spirit does still come out. So it’s not surprising that a six year old wanted a Southwest Airlines-themed birthday party. The airline is certainly kid friendly (unless you’re a two year old with trouble wearing a mask).

Even though the airline wasn’t in on the planning, it looks like they’re going to send a birthday gift to the boy.

Earlier this year, a couple who met on board a Southwest flight got married in a ceremony officiated by a pastor who happened to be sitting in the middle seat between them at the time. They had an aviation-themed wedding with a Southwest photo booth. Also this year a Southwest pilot has his wedding on board a flight and all of the wedding guests simply bought tickets.

Whether a wedding – or a child’s birthday like this 16 year old’s during an Atlanta airport power outage – the airline likes to harken back to its early ‘fun’ routes and celebrate.

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  1. When I was a kid I wanted AA model planes.

    It’s too bad what AA has become.

    AA sucks hard now.

    The hard D, which AA sucks, could win a Guinness world record for being the hardest D… I’m not talking about D0. Rather, say my name 5 times fast.

  2. @ P Ness , apparently you need help ! When an article is about SWA and you have to turn it about AA. Dude get a life.

  3. @P Ness
    Everyone gets your drift, so why don’t you just drift off this planet. Take Chump with you!!!!!!!!!!!

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