8 Simple Tips to Avoid Travel Scams

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  1. As far as what should be in a technical manual…

    I’m a pilot and computer programmer. As a pilot, it’s my responsibility to know my airplane, its systems, and their limitations, full stop. Do I need to know every line of source code? No. But I need to know what the systems *do*.

    Boeing and Airbus have completely different control philosophies. Boeing has traditionally taken the approach that the pilot has the final say over the control of the aircraft. This is definitely true of the 737 line, which has its origins as a mechanically linked aircraft. Boeing has stuck with the “737” because of common type certificates and training and all of that.

    Yeah, they’ve added computers, automation and what not over the years. Fine. But if Boeing is going to put in a system that has the ability to override the pilot’s control input, they pilot needs to know about it.

    There’s some human factors issues with thick training manuals, but the bottom line is if it’s not in the training manual, the pilot can’t know about it. If it’s in the training manual and the pilot didn’t read it, that’s on the pilot.

    This will get resolved. Long term, however, aviation will be better served if learn some lessons about the role that automation is playing with aircraft operation, and how to better train humans to deal with it.

  2. You Americans are strange, weird. We do like you, but fuck you’re weird. I had to laugh at the comment from one correspondent “Easy, don’t talk to strangers”. WTF! LOL! Only in America. Who travels to foreign lands and doesn’t talk to strangers? Sounds like someone who should stay at home in Mummy’s basement trolling on twitter LOL.

    Easy way not to be scammed, use your commonsense. An oxymoron for our American friends, but the rest of us get it.

  3. Good for you, Nicole Richie! I do the same thing (sans gloves), even use the same brand Wet Wipes, and most times my seatmate thanks me.

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