88 Year Old Woman’s Dreams Come True When Young Man Gives Up Business Class Seat

A Virgin Atlantic flight attendant shared to Facebook about a passenger who gave his business class seat to an 88 year old woman flying London – New York to see her daughter.

The man named Jack found Violet and offered to switch seats. It was her dream come true to sit in business class, and this was her first and maybe only time every doing it.

Jack did it selflessly. He didn’t look for publicity or thanks and he sat in the back of coach.

God Save The Points is constantly giving away his upgrades but he doesn’t pick whom to give them to, it’s up to passengers to figure out it’s him to get his seat.

Last year United CEO Oscar Munoz gave his first class seat to an elderly passenger. Some people feel though that if a passenger doesn’t want their premium cabin seat it should go to the next person on the upgrade list.

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  1. Years ago, I gave my First Class seat to my mother and the flight attendant told me it was against FAA and airline rules. Eventually, the pilot (who obviously had a mother) agreed with me and allowed my Mom to fly upfront from SLC to Anchorage.
    Guess airline rules have changed.

  2. I do similar little gifts to deserving passengers when I travel. The negative impact on me is minimal, the positive impact for recipients is huge. And guess what flights I remember.

  3. Your title says business class but the article says the seat was first class. Not sure if Upper Class is just their business seats but the article makes it a point to say its their equivalent of first class.

  4. “Some people feel though that if a passenger doesn’t want their premium cabin seat it should go to the next person on the upgrade list.” – Maybe if he got the seat from the upgrade list that makes sense. If he paid for the seat or booked it with miles then that seat would not have been available to the people on the upgrade list so they don’t have any grounds to be disgruntled.

  5. What a great story.

    I think he should do as he wishes with the seat, even if it’s an upgrade. If I have seats to a game and I give one away who else really should care about my business? Why is an airline seat any different?

  6. When I get an upgrade, I scan the customers at the gate, looking for a military member. I will always give up my upgrade for someone who has dedicated their life to serving others…

  7. Even if they got the seat from the upgrade list, they are free to give it away. It’s their seat, and they can trade it with anyone else subject to regulatory requirements.

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