$99 Fares to Europe from DC and Boston!

WOW Air is really their name, they’re a low cost carrier across the Atlantic and they made a splash back in October with introductory fares of $99-125 one-way.

Their flights from ‘Washington DC’ (Baltimore) and Boston to Reykjavik really are as low as $99, with the return flight less than $175. They offer connecting service on to London and Copenhagen well.

Their sale is back it seems.

There really are flights available at these prices. I plugged in a random date for Boston – Reykjavik.

And this really is the all-in, tax-inclusive pricing.

If you want to go to London rather than Iceland, be prepared to pay a little more.. but less than if you were flying another carrier. There are roundtrips available for under $450.

Note that the flights do not start until March 27 for the 6 weekly Boston – Reykjavik flights (with connecting service beyond Reykjavik) and until June 4 for Baltimore – Reykjavik.

They’re a low cost carrier, so expect fees or everything.

Here’s the charges for pre-assigned seating (left column for online payment, right for seat assignments at the airport).

You’ll pay for anything more than an 11 pound carry on. Checked bags are expensive — the first checked bag is $48 online in advance, $67 at check-in, and if you are forced to gate check that’s $95. That’s for non-stop service, bag fees are higher for connecting flights.

If you travel super light, and don’t especially care where you sit on the plane (and I don’t know what their seat pitch or legroom is like), you can get some pretty amazing fares for US-Europe travel without the need for a pricing glitch.

(HT: Miles to Memories and The Points Guy)

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  1. I love that the sale’s page has a section on ‘Budget Reykjavik’

    Sit in a hot tub. Talk to people in cafes, maybe they know something cheap to do 🙂

  2. It’s all relative. Try finding a cheap meal in Oslo. And Iceland is worth every penny. And they probably need every tourist penny they can get…

  3. I agree with Robert F, went to both Norway and Iceland last summer and Iceland was not nearly as expensive as i feared (or as Norway was).

  4. Been to Iceland for 7 times… I think Iceland is not cheap but not that expensive as people thinks…

    It is easy to find hotel or apartment around 100 Euro which is reasonable price in Europe.. and fine dinning is around 80 – 120 Euro which is quite normal in Europe… However like Robert said Iceland is worth every penny… It is hard to describe how amazing Iceland is.. esp West Fjords…

  5. I’m headed to Iceland and considered flying WOW, but that 11 lb. carry-on limit — especially to a cold place like Iceland — is a cruel joke. Having done a few “weigh ins” with some unusual foreign airlines, I know that it’s impossible to bring ANY real suitcase and come in under 11 lbs. Maybe you could bring a duffel bag with 2 days worth of clothes. So the one-way fares are really $48 higher. I didn’t like this gimmick and booked elsewhere.

  6. No, the fare is not a gimmick. I have travelled very cheaply on European low fare carriers with restrictive and enforced low carry on rules. Wear your sweater and duffel. Stuff the pockets with underwear and sox. Use a weightless nylon bag for carry on. It is quite possible and to get to Iceland it is well worth it. There are a [small] range of hostel accommodations available close to the city center of Reykjavik in the $50 a night range. Not super cheap but not expensive either. Generally it is a n expensive destination though, so be warned.

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