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HOT: New Ritz-Carlton Visa Infinite Comes with 3 Complimentary Nights and Benefits That Are Blowing Me Away

Aug 08 2016

This is a really big deal, and the most exciting new card offer I’ve seen in awhile. Chase has a brand new offer for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card which is now only the second Visa Infinite card in the country.

The signup bonus lets you earn 3 free nights at Ritz-Carlton hotels. And the card benefits include club lounge upgrades, Gold elite status, lounge access, and fee credits.

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Free Hilton Gold Status

… with a European Hilton HHonors account address, and upon entering a Visa Infinite card number. Back in December 2011 I flagged an opportunity to get instant Gold Hilton HHonors status for free. It was an offer meant for Visa Infinite cardholders, but anyone could sign up. Some Visa Infinite numbers stopped working, while others remained functional. The offer was still available come March of 2012. Every time Hilton would tweak the signup process, commenters here would figure out how to get it to work again. The offer was still alive come mid-year. Finally, it was pulled. Some people who used the offer to signup for instant status had that still removed, while others got to keep it. Many who used the free Gold signup to get status have since had their status lapse (although…

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Could Free Hilton HHonors Gold STILL Be Working??

Here’s the offer, targeted at Visa Infinite cardholders, and it’s been around in one form or another since December. They keep tweaking the website, from no longer accepting the first four digits of Russian Visa Infinite cards to later requiring a full sixteen digits of the card number in order to unlock the form (and validating that the numbers entered could be an actual card, though not verifying the account entered itself). Each time they’ve tweaked the form, enterprising commenters have shared their experiences here. Matt in the comments of my March post writes: Hello all. Just wanted to confirm that as of 9:52PM ET on 05/28/12 this is still working. Here’s what I did. First logged into my Hilton Honors account and changed my country to Australia and my Province/State to AP. I then…

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Free Hilton Gold Status, the Gift that Just Keeps Giving

Every time the December offer of Free Hilton Gold status, instantly, is declared dead… it keeps returning. Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and… the ghost of Conrad Hilton’s mid-tier elite benefits. The offer was intended for Visa Infinite cardholders, and they asked you to enter the first six digits of your Visa Infinite card to prove you had one. That just unlocked the form, and then the status processed immediately. Over the course of the next three months there were various changes to the form. Since it was possible to just google what six digit bank identifiers were for Visa Infinite, they appeared to deactive the most popular and easy to find Russian one. Then they started matching account addresses to other bank identifiers, so folks using an Australian six digit number to unlock the form…

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Free Hilton Gold Status Offer Still Working

On December 22 I posted an offer for free Hilton HHonors Gold status through May 2013. Hilton’s offer was that any Visa Infinite cardholder could have the status, and they simply verified whether a member was qualified by asking for the first six digits of the Visa Infinite card, which is the Bank Identification Number. With that as the test, it was fairly easy for folks to Google, Wikipedia is the first page that would come up, and a bank in Russia was the first Visa Infinite card listed. Apparently folks hit that code pretty hard, or at least it was talked about a lot, and so after a few days it and the others listed most obviously on Wikipedia stopped working. Folks in the comments to my original thread found that other numbers, however,…

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Hilton’s New Instant Free Gold Status Offer

Hilton HHonors is giving away instant free Gold status through May 2013 to Visa Infinite cardholders. The way they verify that you’re eligible, i.e. that you have a Visa infinite card, is by asking you to enter the first six digits of your card. Those six digits are ‘issuer identification numbers’ that say what kind of a card it is. Great in theory, you have to know the first six digits of a Visa Infinite card to take advantage of the promotion. But that information is even available on Wikipedia, the very first result found in a Google search. Which means that anyone can effectively take advantage of the promotion. As a Hilton Diamond member already I haven’t actually tested this out, I’m interested in it as a purely academic matter. But apparently entering the…

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Choosing Your Best Rewards Card While Travel Is Grounded

credit cards
Mar 22 2020

It makes a lot of sense to bulk up on miles right now. You’ll be well-positioned to take some great trips once we’re all flying again. And I expect that planes will have a lot of empty seats for awhile which should be great for the best award pricing.

You may want to be careful about which miles you pursue, in order to hedge risk – or you may want the optionality of strong cash back and the option to convert to miles later.

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