Free Hilton Gold Status Offer Still Working

On December 22 I posted an offer for free Hilton HHonors Gold status through May 2013.

Hilton’s offer was that any Visa Infinite cardholder could have the status, and they simply verified whether a member was qualified by asking for the first six digits of the Visa Infinite card, which is the Bank Identification Number.

With that as the test, it was fairly easy for folks to Google, Wikipedia is the first page that would come up, and a bank in Russia was the first Visa Infinite card listed. Apparently folks hit that code pretty hard, or at least it was talked about a lot, and so after a few days it and the others listed most obviously on Wikipedia stopped working.

Folks in the comments to my original thread found that other numbers, however, were still working. Commenter Ernie, for instance, offered up first six digits 442394 which appears to still be functional.

Which means you can still sign up for Gold status, yielding free internet, continental (at least) breakfast, and the occasional upgrade plus bonus points and access to elites-only hotel reward redemptions.

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  1. When I entered the code, it said it could not be processed.
    What else is needed to register?

  2. I don’t understand this yet. When changing to Australia, what are you referring to–like your address in your profile? Does that mean you also need a corresponding street address?

  3. As of March 24 2012, they request the full 16 digits, which they somehow validate. So, this isn’t working for me 🙁

  4. @Rob presumably they’re just checking (eg with the check digit) that the combination of #s you enter is a potentially valid card not that it’s actually your card or even an assigned card #

  5. Now that it’s asking for a 16 digit number, how can I get the instant gold status without actually having a Visa Infinite card number?

  6. So here is what I did – and it happened twice – I guessed a number using 442394 – I then got the login – No I will not give out the number – I guessed it and forgot it – anyway I logged in but was not taken to my account – what happened to others who were successful – when you logged in were you taken to your account

  7. Cant get it to work today.. any tips, have tried various 6 digit numbers with following actual card numbers.. plus some random ones..? pleaseee help! I stay at Hilton a lot yet dont seem to get Gold?! so this would be great!

  8. Still works as of 10 December 2012, using the steps in 62 (just fudge around with the digits to get it working…)

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