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Giveaway: 5 Nights in a Suite in Sri Lanka Plus Dinner and Massages

Jun 20 2016

I love Sri Lanka. And since I’ve been to the Maldives each of the past 5 years, it’s been easy to visit, as the capital Colombo is less than 500 miles away. There is no such thing as bad Sri Lankan food and I even go out of my way to stop for Sri Lankan when flying out of New York JFK.

A reader is going to win a 5 night stay in a suite inclusive of a dinner, massages, and even cooking class. And all you need to do to enter is comment in this post, see inside for details.

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A Food Tour of Colombo, Sri Lanka

May 18 2015

Since I didn’t have much time, and I’m not an expert on either Sri Lankan food or getting around the capital, I decided to hire a guide for a few hours on my day in Colombo.

I found an excellent guide, and since it’s Sri Lanka it was reasonably priced. We began at the floating market, stopped at a street vendor and for some dessert, and at a Sri Lankan vegetarian buffet.

I will never look at eating my fruits and vegetables the same way again, and especially loved the kottu, made of roti, vegetables, egg, meat, and spices…

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Review: My First-Ever Hilton Suite Upgrade, at the Colombo Hilton (Sri Lanka)

May 17 2015

I had one night to spend in Colombo. It’s a popular stopover to and from the Maldives, since it’s inexpensive and easier to get in and out of than Male, though there the Maldives capital is increasingly accessible.

I actually wanted to spend the night in Colombo, though, and set up the trip this way on purpose. I could have done an outright stopover on my one-way Alaska Airlines-issued Emirates award, but I just booked it as a 23 hour connection. That was enough to grab some food in Sri Lanka.

For the night I chose one of the only Western chain hotels, the Hilton which is very much a business property.

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My Ultimate Relaxation Trip Report: Etihad and Emirates First Class, Food in Sri Lanka and Returning the Maldives

I’m beginning to write up the report of my most recent trip to the Maldives, and this is a basic preview and outline of the trip I’ll be sharing. Regular readers know that I love the Maldives. It’s not for everyone and I hope to give you a sense both of why I like it so much and also reasons why not everyone will. For me the distance is a feature, not a bug, I need to be that far away to really disconnect and the time zone difference helps too because I’m getting up in the morning when the business day ends on the US East Coast and I have the entire day ahead of me undisturbed. I’ve now gone back to the Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives four consecutive years. I love it there,…

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Corrupt oneworld Airline SriLankan May Finally Be Privatized

Apr 11 2023

Sri Lanka is one of the three largest recipients of lending from China. Their basic problem is spending more money than they have, and then limiting further what they have through regulation. The government there decided farms needed to switch to organic practices, banning chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which led to lower yields without being offset by higher prices. Food shortages followed.

The government needs to curtail its spending and devalue its currency. Part of that means reducing subsidies of inefficient businesses, that have been kept as corrupt enterprises to benefit powerful elites.

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SriLankan Airlines Set to Join the oneworld Alliance May 1

SriLankan now has an official joining date of May 1 for entry into oneworld, making them an alliance partner of American (and US Airways) as well as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and more. And they’re a great addition to oneworld for frequent flyers. With American you’ll be able to include them in AAdvantage distance-based oneworld awards, for instance flying over the Atlantic and connecting in Europe to Asia, or including them on trips to the Maldives or India and Pakistan. Bangalore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Tiruchirappalli in India as well as Male in the Maldives are short hops from Colombo, Sri Lanka that will only cost 4500 British Airways points each way. (Of course many of these short hops are also quite inexpensive to buy.) In Europe SriLankan flies to Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Paris, and…

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Free Miles to Book American Awards at the ‘Old’ Prices and Transatlantic Business for 37,000 Miles Roundtrip

first class airline cabin
Dec 31 2016

Etihad is one of the top airlines in the world for passenger experience. They offer a great connecting point in Abu Dhabi for travel to India and the surrounding region. I’ve used them to travel there as well as to the Maldives and also back from Sri Lanka.

But they also have a strong frequent flyer program of their own, and they are a transfer partner of Citi ThankYou Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards.

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Great Opportunity: 20% Bonus Transferring Amex, Citi or Hotel Points to Etihad Guest

Oct 02 2016

This summer I wrote about outstanding first class award availability on Etihad and walked through the routes between the US and Abu Dhabi that had award space for at least 2 passengers.

Etihad is one of the top airlines in the world for passenger experience. They offer a great connecting point in Abu Dhabi for travel to India and the surrounding region. I’ve used them to travel there as well as to the Maldives and also back from Sri Lanka.

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