A Better Site Than SeatGuru For Seat Maps, Choosing Seats On Planes

How did I never know about this? I’ve been using SeatGuru for years, but I don’t find itearly as useful as it once was. It turns out there’s a much better source for airline seat maps.

A ‘LOPA’ is a Layout of Passenger Accommodations. It doesn’t just show seats. It’s a detailed schematic of the passenger cabin that’s drawn to scale. And there’s a site that has these for a number of airlines, both foreign and domestic: aeroLOPA.

You will see details of how each seat is angled. You will see the bulkheads and bassinet placement. You will see which lavatories are larger or handicap accessible. You’ll even see where windows are located relative to seats – no more picking seats where the windows are misaligned and you can’t see out easily.

Not only do you get a seat’s legroom and width, they even tell you which brand and model seats are installed.

Here’s the front business cabin of a United Boeing 787-9 with Polaris seats installed, you can see how the seats angle and which middle seats are actually close to each other in the picture.

Definitely a site to bookmark, if people still bookmark websites.

(HT: Mainly Miles)

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  1. Though still limited, aeroLOPA is great. Seatguru should have a warning message attached to it that it’s crappy and outdated.

  2. I recently discovered this as well and find it to be super helpful. They are updating their content and adding more airlines seat maps on a regular basis, which is also great to see. I’d love it if they could allow users to upload photos like SeatGuru did along with comments. Otherwise- finally something up to date!

  3. @ Gary — Thanks goodness. Isn’t SetGuru an old Randy Petersen site that they stopped maintaining?

  4. Needs added ability to select specific configuration within an airplane type BY flight number and date to replace SeatGuru for me

  5. Seatguru is definitely a dormant site. Maps haven’t been updated for well over a year and many are outdated and totally wrong. For example, all American A321’s (except transcon) have had 20 First Class seats for quite a while, but their maps still show 16. There is a link to send info regarding wrong seat maps, but I got this automated reply…….

    Thank you for your interest in SeatGuru. Currently we are not making additional updates to our content on the site and are unable to provide other support. -SeatGuru

  6. Love the site but the United 787-10 seat map is inaccurate. This site has too many seats across.

  7. Yes, We the great unwashed still do Bookmark…. layout of aircraft is good, one thing it has in common with VFAW is it lacks the substance of Seat Guru…. eg, United 777, there are multiple versions so unless I go to the UA site and check the specific flight configuration, then come back to LOPA, it’s useless. In Seat Guru, I like the color coded seats that can advise what is considered a good seat or not. So I’ll pass on this one. Useless as tits on a bull.

  8. Good reminder. Thanks. Last time I checked this site out, there were too few airlines & models. Looks much more comprehensive now.

  9. No comments warning of bad seats is what makes Seat Guru worthwhile. If aeroLOPA even knows Gary wrote his review, I hope they read the comments.

  10. One MAJOR flaw – doesn’t show the location of the lavatory doors. It is quite important whether the door opens in view of the bulkhead seat, e.g., 1F in the UA 789 shown in the article, or around the corner facing the galley.

  11. Delta Airbus 330-200 has 4 classes of seats which are not accurately marked. Business class & Comfort+ are followed by ‘economy’. The Premium Select seats and Comfort+ are not accurately depicted. No help.

  12. When this was announced on FlyerTalk about a year ago (I think), it was just BA aircraft. he’s expanded it to other airlines but obviously there’s more to do. They do accept corrections and additions.

    As for good/bad, I think the more accurate rendering of seat/window/bulkhead/lav/gallery positions covers a lot of that. Obviously not all — I’m not sure whether they mark power and USB per seat — the craft I checked were all or none — but they obviously could; noise and temperature would be trickier.

    One helpful thing they could easily do is color code whether a “bulkhead” is full height or not; it makes a big difference in leg room and maybe underseat bag placement.

  13. Can’t wait to try this. SeatGuru has been fine over the years, but so limited in info that I find most help in the ‘comments section’ on each page. Teeny, tiny font that’s annoying to read, but at least it sometimes fills some of the blanks. I too am shocked you didn’t know about aerolopa, Gary!

  14. hueyjudy – Shocked? Apparently some people “think” that others who host a site should know everything about a topic. I am “shocked” that hueyjudy would post such a ridiculous statement.

  15. Thank you for the information. I used Seat Guru for years, but noticed that it was failing to update its site with newer information. In fact, I wrote to them about it and received a the following reply:

    “…Thank you for your interest in SeatGuru. Currently we are not making additional updates to our content on the site and are unable to provide other support. -SeatGuru…”

    So there you have it. Trip Advisor has abandoned what once was a very popular and useful site.

    The reigning king is dead. Long live Aerolopa!

  16. This is a nice solution, except it’s missing a pretty major piece of the seat specifications (unless I’m blind due to the tiny tiny font it uses):

    Seat width. Yes, it’s nice to know seat pitch. But what about the width? It’s pretty important that people can decide if squeezing into a 16.7″ seat for a trans-pacific flight is going to be part of their experience.

    Hopefully that’ll get added at some point.

  17. Why would Seatguru be abandoned by TripAdvisor? It seems they would want all of our inputs to program their AI bots.

  18. I find the site completely useless. It has none of the features of SeatGuru.
    No rating of seats, so search by flight number. (took several minutes to find my configuration by comparing front and back with the airline site.) Then I saw no option to find comments, reviews or suggestions regarding individual seats.

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