A Detroit Rapper Charged The Cockpit And Punched A Gate Agent. Now TSA Is Investigating.

On August 31 Cherrae, who identifies herself as a Detroit rap artist, boarded Spirit Airlines flight 1839 from Las Vegas to Nashville.

According to a report I’ve seen, she was seated in one of Spirit’s “Big Front Seats” and prior to departure a flight attendant asked her several times to wear her mask properly over her nose and mouth. The flight attendant reported that she wouldn’t comply. Things, shall we say, escalated.

The airline’s ground security coordinator was brought onto the aircraft, who apparently asked her again to wear her mask correctly – to no avail – and asked whether this was going to be a problem all the way to Nashville? Reportedly she “refused to answer.”

The Spirit Airlines captain then ordered her off the aircraft. According to the report, she refused “until authorities come get her.” That’s when police were called. But she wanted to take it up with the captain and she headed towards the cockpit. The captain sealed the cockpit door.

The passenger’s companion was sitting in 1D and filmed the incident, which took place in seat 2C. She explains that they had switched seats. Since language in the video is ‘NSFW’ (and even Not Safe For Work From Home) I won’t embed it. Instead if you’re interested you can watch it here.

Screen Shot of Video From Spirit Airlines Flight, Credit: Instagram.com/cherrae__

Allegedly Cherrae was blocked by the security coordinator who had come onto the plane as she tried to return to her seat, unable to get into the cockpit, and that’s when she pushed that agent into the first row of seats.

And, I’m told, Cherrae then departed the aircraft with the gate agent – but they get into an altercation, too, and she “punche[d the gate agent] below her left eye.” That’s when Cherrae and her flight companion apparently take off down the airport corridor to get ahead of responding police.

She characterizes the events differently on her Instagram account, of course:

Spirit is out of line

I’m mad we didn’t get a good recording but the other day this racist ass bitch was really concerned if I was in my right seat or not because I had the big seat but I was in jeff’s seat instead of mines , mind you my mask had been on my face the whole time covering my mouth and nostrils it just wasn’t pulled up all the way over my nose , she’s directly in my face at kissing range asking me like I’m a child if me having a mask on was gonna be a problem even after I pulled it up and asked her to please step out of my face . That resulted to me getting put off the plane with an assault case and getting banned but notice they touched me first and they think this type of behavior is ok .

At one point Cherra posted to social media a copy of the TSA notice she received asking for her response to the incident. This appears to have been deleted. However the incident summary included is telling.

[O]n August 31, 2020 at approximately 0701 hours, at LAS, you boarded Spirit AIrlines flight 1839 with service to Nashville, Tennessee (BNA) parked at gate A-10. You refused to wear your mask as instructed per Spirit Airlines personnel. Because of your lack of compliance with the mask wearing requirements, the captain requested you to be removed from the flight. The Spirit Airlines Ground Security Coordinator (GSC) and Spirit AIrlines’ gate agent advised you of the captain’s decision. You attempted to gain unauthorized access to the flight deck to speak with the captain and in the process made physical contact with the Spirit Airlines’ GSC. You pushed the GSC with such physical force that you knocked her from the aisle located by row 2 to row 1, specifically seat 1D. In a second attempt to gain access towards the flight deck, you punched the Spirit Airlines’ gate agent with a closed fist on the right side of her face.

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  1. She can’t even write grammatically correct English. That is what she should be concerned about. How can obeying a mask instruction matter to you if you are that educationally deficient?

  2. Finally, a rapper who really lives their hip-hop values and doesn’t just hide behind a fake WWE-style rap persona. I’m gonna give this gal a listen for sure!

  3. Seems like we’re hearing less and less about misbehaving Karens and more and more about misbehaving Shaquannas on flights and in airports.

  4. Dave, so Cherrae is a Shaquanna? Doesn’t read that way in the Urban Dictionary. I think Cherrae defines a woman who thinks they are better than everyone else, feels entitled to be a drama queen, does not listen to authority, assaults others and acts up to the point of security having to be called. A Cherrae does not necessarily have to be a woman of color, she could be a Rachel Dolezal, or queer or transsexual. She differs from a Clara as Claras are white privileged, Democrat, rich girls who do not listen to authority, and riot, loot, burn or commit assault. Cherraes don’t necessarily riot, loot, or burn and so are arguably classier than Claras.

  5. The real purpose was revealed in the opening line, “mad we didn’t get a good recording”. Publicity stunt that flopped.

  6. Wrapping used to be such a noble profession. My grandma was a wrapper. She wrapped for Montgomery Ward. People loved her wrapping. Her sister wrapped for Sears, but they never brought their competition to family gatherings. I just don’t know what happened to wrapping.

  7. Did the local police detain or arrest her? And what is the nature of these TSA investigations? Also is she banned from NK?

  8. At the end of the video she is being interviewed by LEO’s, but there is no indication of the disposition of the call or suspect?

  9. This passenger was clearly in the wrong. That established…

    All of you abhorrent, racist POS posters trolling w/ your hate-laced dog whistles on a FF blog should go and find a home on Reddit or better yet, STFU and adult a bit more. Worse than gate lice.

  10. @aloha We know you’re a racist but do you have to show you’re a chump fool every time something like this happens? Don’t you think people get tired of reading your chump bulls##t?

  11. Its really sad that someone cant follow the rules and laws .. this sad angry person…remember others are fighting to make a difference here this person just make the GOP case ..blame you’re self Trump 2020 send them back i don’t think Africa even want your ass back

  12. Using the word racism is just an excuse for bad behavior and turns the tables on someone who has been conditioned to cower because mainstream society doesn’t stick up for the good guys.

    Given the disproportionate amount of violence committed by one group, maybe we should actually be racist and start to hold a group of people accountable for destroying our cities, making our schools unsafe, and advocating for our subservience.

    Flight attendants are known to abuse their positions and target passengers who make legitimate complaints about poor service. Captain too often automatically defer to the flight attendant without hearing from the other party. However, when someone screams racism 99% of the time he or she is the aggressor and wrongdoer.

  13. Jackson.Henderson… are you serious? Most of you devils are racists, so you don’t have to start acting that way! And crime…do not get me started. You win a trophy for the most brutal savages in world history! All you are capable of is RAPE, MURDER, INCEST, and BESTIALITY! *Oh yeah…and SUICIDE after you wipe out your whole family and the dog! Racist Neanderthal BLUE EYED DEVIL!

  14. “I was in jeff’s seat instead of mines”
    “mines” screams inner city educated.

  15. Evidently she’s punching people who don’t punch her back! Breaking rules and then spinning the story blaming it on racism lol.. I’m in the forgotten Hispanic minority, maybe I should try breaking rules and blame racism!

  16. My question to the black community is why do most of you instantlt want to use violence you think you are being disrespected and then start using foul language. Do you feel this proces whatever point your wanting to make? I was on this flight and you did was not only make yourself look foolish. But the stereotypical views most white people have about the black community in general. You could have handled this so differently that you would have come across having dignity, style and strength and would have left many of the passengers and viewers of this article and video a different perspective. I agree with a comment that said you did this for publicity. I believe this will hinder your lack luster career. I might suggest you find something else to do as you are not going to make it as successful rapper. I find it hilarious that you were flying spirit a low cost carrier and i heard your comment about getting a refund. My advice to you Sweetie is that if you cant afford to fly a major airline and your worried about a refund of ticket that probably only cost you $100 thwn maybe you should look into another career path as it doesnt seem you are not making it as a rapper. Even The mediocre rappers make good money!!!


  18. She’s clearly not wearing a mask in the video. I’d be surprised if others don’t have better video showing what she did. They were enforcing their rules and she chose not to comply.

  19. I bet the first time one of these ignorant people diary p rd everyones trip on the plane by acting like a fool because they think the rules don’t apply to them cause they are special and the rest of the passengers gang up and beat the hell out of the idiot, im guessing the acts of stupidity will cease. All the airline has to do is defend the passengers who make it right. Seems like there are so many that are just begging to be the first one to take a beating. Just as an aside. Yes. From the news pages 95% of the time tje offending person who causes a problem has been black. They want equality? No they don’t. They want to be treated better than everyone else. .My answer to that? Earn it. Earn the respect of others by learning how to act in public. Don’t act like you are at home. Nobody cares how you act at home. Tue public doesn’t have to put up with your dumb ass like your family does and won’t. People can only put up with so much until someone takes a stand and its coming. I won’t fly because of ignorant people like that. Last thing I want is to get on a plane with a moron like that and deal with her ignorance. I hope the airlines continue to take a stand and boot people off for doing stupid shit. Who strikes another person because their special little tantrum doesn’t get them what they want. These people need an example made and I hope it is the next is class who wants to be the next featured video on YouTube. I can see the headlines. “_______ beaten to death by fellow passengers for delaying their flight by refusing to obey the rules everyone is aware of before they enter the airport” and I guess there is going to have to be a second one because, well if you know anything about stupid people you know it sometimes takes them a while. I hope that the passengers who do the right thing don’t suffer for helping to set that example. But just think of it as helping those who decided to leave the house and just didn’t take their head with them. And to the airlines. You can assist here. Don’t just take the passenger off the flight. This is a challenge to your authority as a carrier. Just cancel the flight entirely. Guarantee the offender gets their ass beat for ruining everyone’s travel plans. Until people know how to behave I won’t fly. Don’t know that it will ever happen but it goes on too often and I won’t subject myself to that dumbness. I look forward to seeing an episode like that end very badly for the offender.

  20. Charges need to be Filed and The Individual needs to be BANNED from All AIrlines that Operate in this Country. Until situations like This are Addressed and with Stiff Consequences, these incidents will continue to happen. (Attempting to Enter the Flight Deck should seal Her Fate without Question)

  21. She most certainly needs to be fined, my issue I have with this thread is it’s so many racist individuals hiding behind social media it’s ridiculous. Doesn’t matter had she been white or black she needs to be charged!! Cut out the send her back to Africa seeing this is STOLEN land, WTH does Trump 2020 have to do with anything, How do you know she isn’t a republican? stop making it seem as if Caucasian people are not violent because they’re as well! Let’s not forget many of school shootings are Caucasian suspects. So cut it out. There’s violence in every race!!

  22. I wonder why I never see such harsh replies when white devils are the culprit? And 9/10 it’s a white devil Karen!

  23. Mines is not grammatically correct, that’s the least of the issue with this story. If you don’t follow crew instructions on a flight, you will be taken off.

  24. Well the funny this is I had the mask on and when she asked me to pull it up I pulled it up and asked her to please step out of my face but because she didn’t like my response I got put off the aircraft? I didn’t know it was “illegal to talk to the pilot” once the cockpit was slammed shut I returned to the aircraft to get my personal belongings, she kept pushing me and refusing me access to get my things , I reached my arm out and she fell dramatically as if I pushed her . The other agent began chanting at me and pushed me , she then got hit as a reflex . They should learn to keep their hands to themselves

  25. Isn’t it AMAZING the thousands and thousands of people of all different walks of life who can cram themselves onto an airplane (and on Spirit, you have to do a lot of extra cramming) and manage to get from Point A to Point B via Point C without so much as a how-do-you-do. When the GSC blocked at the bulkhead, she was likely doing so because at that point, the passengers who know how to behave in public don’t want this profanity-spewing nutjob anywhere near them. The boarding door is open with ground crew on board, your belongings aren’t going anywhere. I don’t know if NK has a do-not-board list, but AA, UA, DL, and even WN would have banned her. I hope TSA goes with a civil penalty, and I hope the GSC considers pressing charges on her own, as well as a civil court lawsuit. These actions need to have outcomes.

  26. There are rules and regulations to follow when boarding an aircraft as a passenger. This is no different than the laws we must adhere to when driving a motor vehicle.

    This is not complicated. If you feel the laws don’t apply to you, there are alternatives – train, bus, bicycle, etc.

  27. bottom line: black white doesn’t matter she did not have her mask on properly…kick her ass to the road and let her hang that thumb out if she can’t obey simple rules.

  28. If you do not want to become a victim, it’s simple – follow the rules and OBEY a lawful request!

  29. @Rae
    I find it hard to believe that eleven days before the anniversary of September 11, you pretend not to know about breaching the cockpit door! (Most of us, WILL NEVER forget!) And what a different bravado you have on this page than you did on your Instagram site. You brag about pushing and punching the Spirit people. Here you down play the situation. You take no responsibility for your actions. The Gsc ran into your hand and dramatically fell, your reflexes punched the other agent, you were kicked off bc you didn’t know you couldn’t breach the cockpit door, you wore your mask like you were suppose to. But why did you run off the plane then before the authorities came??

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