A Momentary Lapse into Self-Congratulations

I’ve never paid much attention to my ‘stats’ – I look at site traffic maybe once a month. I’ve been at this for many years, and have always written more for myself and if I can help others along that way that’s great but I don’t really write to get readers I write what I think is interesting and hopefully others will find those things interesting as well.

But I was trading emails about traffic with Million Mile Secrets, mostly exposing my ignorance about such things. And that lead me to look up my technocrati ranking. I haven’t much paid attention to the methodology, my sense is it happens to do with what other blogs are linking to you especially those blogs that are themselves considered influential based on links to them.

And lo and behold I found myself listed as the #2 influential travel blog.

That probably points to flaws in methodology more than anything else, but it was still fun to see. Oddly, it listed me as the #40 blog on finance, #200 on business, and #188 on ‘living’. Which probably suggests that there aren’t enough business blogs, and that frequent flyer miles are very much a currency.

Hope you don’t mind, but thought I’d share, since it did put a smile on my face. Probably won’t last! And congratulations to Loyalty Traveler and The Points Guy who were listed right up alongside me and One Mile at a Time on the very next page!

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Gary Leff is one of the foremost experts in the field of miles, points, and frequent business travel - a topic he has covered since 2002. Co-founder of frequent flyer community InsideFlyer.com, emcee of the Freddie Awards, and named one of the "World's Top Travel Experts" by Conde' Nast Traveler (2010-Present) Gary has been a guest on most major news media, profiled in several top print publications, and published broadly on the topic of consumer loyalty. More About Gary »

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  1. As a platinum member of the “Gary Leff Fan Club”, I just want to add my congratulations!

  2. Okay, I have to giggle a little bit at the “nerdy” factor of you and Darius swapping emails about stats and traffic! Don’t let the secret get out that bloggers are just closet nerds! Kidding, kidding……. 🙂

    Congrats on being “#2”! I must admit I am far more familiar with numbers 2-4 than I am #1, so I guess that makes you #1 in my book!

  3. Still gotcha beat Gary. 🙂

    Anyhow, those Technorati rankings vacillate wildly, so don’t put to much credence in them. Just keep up the good work.

  4. Gary congrats man! Thats great news, you should be proud of yourself and the work you do for View From the Wing!

  5. @Grant no doubt, you’re my hero! (“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” doing my best Mike Myers/Dana Carvey)

  6. I must admit that I am a new fan like many others. There was an article published in Town & Country in the September 2011 issue that hit mailboxes this week. It was a very good article with lots of helpful information. I would bet that many others will follow after reading the article. And yes, miles are currency.

  7. Congrats, Gary! I remember the days when we only knew you as a guy named Gleff. And I think it is pretty funny that your screen capture will forever promote the immortal line, “Arthur Frommer is an Idiot.”!

  8. Hey, congrats! Like Mommy Points said, I am a lot more familiar with you than Gadling, so you’re # 1 from here! On another more selfish note…I’m now registered on technorati. 😀

  9. Well deserved. If you really want to feel good, have you ever wondered how many people, at any given time, are having a blast on a great trip, thanks to you (and maybe a few others – Rick and Ric comes to mind)? Your information makes a lot of people happy, thanks.

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