A New Place to Put a Lavatory and Another Airport Bans Chick-fil-A

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  1. AA: Our customers complain that the Oasis-ruined lavatories are too small? Let’s remove the lavatory walls. Problem solved.

  2. Weird thing on the Chic-fil-a story, there’s a restaurant currently being installed at SJC, right in the heart of the progressive Mecca

  3. I love Chick-fil-A sandwiches. They are so simple, yet so good – just a bun, a chicken cutlet, pickle and a little mayo. But for what they say are religious reasons, they refuse to serve me on Sunday. It makes me wonder among all of the prohibitions and directions in the Bible, what’s so important about closing on Sunday. That seems to be a relatively minor deal in the overall religious scheme of things. The weird thing is when I pass a closed Chick-fil-A, I get a bigger craving for their sandwiches than when the store is open.

    Irrespective of the owner’s views on LGBT+ or anything else, it makes sense for a commercial landlord to prefer tenants that are open for business seven days a week. Now if the landlord rents to other tenants that are closed one day a week, that would seem to establish a prima facie case of religious discrimination.

  4. Last time in San Antonio, the two restaurants operating on a Sunday were Starbucks, which had no toaster oven and hence no food, and Steak and Shake which decided no to cook any biscuits so again no food. The addition of a Chick-fil-A wouldn’t have changed anything. San Antonio sucks.

  5. If the cows got to vote, they would reach a unanimous decision: Eat More Chicken. But in Texas, cows dont get a vote, they get eaten. I guess Buffalo (in Deleware) feels the same?

  6. I personally find most of Chick Filets food disgusting
    With a slight nod and exception to the Fried Chicken sandwich
    Haven’t had one in 10 years
    I rarely eat fried foods anymore for smart health reasoning
    I’m not a fan of any business promoting their personal beliefs other than inclusive business behavior for all customers regardless of race religion or who their choice of a partner is male female and or where they were born
    Airports are global transportation centers and all folks worldwide should be welcomed 7 days a week @ establishments as long as they behave appropriately

  7. john, while culturally, I cannot ignore the fact that Sunday is the traditional day for Christian worship, my understanding is that CFA is closed on Sundays primarily to ensure every employee (including managers and franchisees) have a day off every week (when I worked fast food in high school, our franchisee was at the restaurant somewhere around 70-80 hours per week and on all 7 days). In fact, there is nothing in the Bible prohibiting work on Sunday. The closest is the OT prohibition of work on the Sabbath (Saturday), but Jesus also points out (Mark 2:27) that Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

    I agree, if I were running a commercial area, especially one with few food options, I would not want a restaurant which is closed 1 day every week. If CFA were banned from SAT due to the Sunday issue, I don’t think this would be an issue. The problem arises because the decision makers have made it clear that the reason CFA is banned is the religious beliefs of the management.

  8. DNA, obviously you are a bigot. When Trump is gone you homophobes will lose your voices. Imagine supporting a company that wants to break up straight people’s marraiges and take their children away. Luckily, each generation is becomeing less and less hateful to the mights of LGBTQ people. DNA, your time is passing.

  9. I used to be ambivalent about the LGBTQ movement. Live and let live. No more. I don’t need these people dictating what I eat and where I eat it. Would love nothing more than to see a huge anti-gay backlash and also Chick Fil A post a record profit.

  10. @John, If Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday to control the hours of work of its franchisees and their managers and employees, I wish it would come out and say it. I tend to doubt that is the reason because it could just write that requirement into and enforce it through the franchise agreement and earn about 17% more (if my math is correct) by staying open on Sunday. But maybe you’re right. That’s just the first time I’ve heard that explanation.

    When discriminating because of race, sex, national origin, religion, etc., decision makers have learned to conceal the true basis for their actions. It’s oh so easy to assert a non-discriminatory pretext. In this instance, though, some politicians and administrators have flat out said they just don’t like the views and stances of Chick-fil-A’s owner regarding the LGBT+ community.

    But Gary and others characterize those views as “political” beliefs not “religious” ones. These days it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the two. Evangelical beliefs are regarded as political beliefs. That’s a shame. The effort to politicize the judiciary, the military and even religion is dangerous. If the judiciary becomes a tool of a political party or individual, there is no rule of law just like in China and Russia. Heaven help us if adherence to one political doctrine gets ingrained in the military. But hey, if all that helps politicians on the right and left secure their bases, who cares, right? Win at all costs.

  11. The reality of this all is, CFA stores are enormously profitable, even after only 6 days per week. The rationale of closing on Sundays are specifically to give ALL employees a full day off. What the employees do with that day off is their business. Hooray!
    Next, while the owners of the company have their own beliefs, I’ve never heard of them trying to shove those beliefs down everyone else’s throats.
    If you don’t like the food, go elsewhere, thats your right. If you like the food, and I do, then who are you to shove your beliefs down my throat?

  12. You pathetic Political correctness assholes need to get a life. You people are despicable. Just like all this PC shit has backfired in the faces of you fucking hypocrites and other companies, it will hurt your airports and people will boycott other restaurants at the airports because we are sick and tired of you idiot morons and your bullshit! Academia is ruining this country and you PC assholes are ruined and you will never make it through life because you’re a bunch of spoiled ass, stupid millennials, who have to go hide in a corner when you’re little feelings are hurt! love that chicken from chic filet. Yum! Eat your hearts out you assholes.

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