A Touching Airport Goodbye: Viral Video Captures Tug Driver’s Final, Celebratory Pushback [Roundup]

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  • This is so cool.

  • Pest control is super important for hotels.

    Roach Motel – Courtyard Downtown Chicago/River North
    byu/FirestormActual inmarriott

    It definitely is not rubber, I woke up to it on my tooth brush. Attempted to kill it and then it scurried under the sink into the wall. …

    This was on floor 6, I was in room 627. I filed a complaint with the Chicago Dept of Buildings who is responsible for coordinating inspections of hotels. Management refused to compensate with points. I’m a consultant for work and travel often.

  • Bozeman airport will close to commercial flights from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. for six weeks a year from now:

    Around August of this year, the number of gates will shrink from 12 to 10 to accommodate an expansion project in the A concourse. The 2-year project will result in expanded seating in waiting areas, larger baggage claim carousels, and a new restaurant. By the time the project is complete, there will be as many as 15 gates in total. If there are available funds at the end of the project, there is also a possibility of creating a designated area for Customs and Immigration, but that is not a top priority, as there are no plans for international commercial flights in the near future.

    As part of a runway expansion and reconstruction project, from April 9 through May 20 of 2025, the main runway will be closed from 3-11 p.m. every weekday, meaning there will be no commercial flights during those times.

  • Maybe just wear shoes?

    Last month my daughter (just turned 18) and I were flying out of Birmingham Alabama and the gate agent was very inappropriate. In front of my daughter, he started making comments about my feet and how sexy they are. He started talking about taking pics of my feet and making them famous and how he wanted to lick my toes. My daughter was horrified, I was in disbelief and really thought he was kidding and just kind of froze. He kept going on about how turned on he was by them. He did this at the baggage counter in front of did coworkers. We quickly tried to get away and went over to the boarding gate. Guess who shows up, 30 mins before boarding? Yes, he did and continued with the feet comments in front of all the passengers.

  • Hell is other passengers

    My water bottle was on the floor by my feet, I’m on my phone and look over to see her opening it and drinking from it. I look down to see if I knocked my down or it rolled away because LAX only had like two options of water brand there in aluminum cans, I now cant find my water.

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  1. If the tugs went on strike for higher wages , no airplanes would be pushed back , and a pay raise would be forthcoming immediately ..

  2. It is a good thing the passenger with the visible toes didn’t make too much of a fuss because she may have been denied boarding for a made up reason due to the airlines giving check in and gate agents so much power. The passenger should be able to make a complaint then and there to airport police while witnesses are still around and without blowback.

  3. Gary, when you say “maybe just wear shoes,” are you suggesting that women should not wear sandals/flip-flops to avoid random men ogling their feet?

  4. How much did the young woman weigh? Guess.
    200 lbs. ? All this is just a ruse. The guy is thinking about something else.
    His way to flatter her…..to get closer to her. Pedofile.

  5. “Alert”, Delta (thank gawd) is non-union with exception to the pilots (ALPA). Their aggregate salary (including benefits) allows them the luxury to do this act of friendship to their retiring colleague.

  6. “Win Whitmire”
    The video of the tugs swarming the Delta pushback is obviously in AMS. They are highly unionized.

  7. “Win Whitmire”
    The video of the tugs swarming the Delta pushback is obviously in AMS. They are highly unionized.
    And if I remember correctly. it was to honor the Delta captain’s last flight, not the tug driver.

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