“A Whole New Way to be Awful at 35,000 Feet”

Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos tweeted:

Although I think there’s far worse. I’ve had the pleasure of watching a fellow first class passenger clip their toenails during dinner service.

This is worse.

And so is this.

In fact, defiling an Etihad first class suite with bare men’s feet seems to me the worst of all. Well, except for the people who use airplane lavatories barefoot only to find that Matt Lauer peed on the seat.

(HT: Will Run for Miles)

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  1. That isn’t a whole new way of being awful, it’s been going on for years as you already know. For a good laugh, or perhaps a vomit inducing experience, check out the “Passenger Shaming” page on Facebook. It has a wide array of pictures of horrible behavior. Bare feet on all kinds of different surfaces, food and trash thrown everywhere, half naked people changing clothes in their seats, you name it. You have to give it a look.

  2. The simple solution to the ponytail incident is to direct the cold air blower as far forward as possible to blow on the ponytail. Ponytail would have no option but to move the hair out of the way of the cold air stream.

  3. How about “let that ponytail” touch a cup of coffee or a glass of Diet Coke that the passenger had in his folding table? Sorry about that but you had your hair in my food. 🙂

  4. Oh you guys have it all wrong on the hair problem… She would be departing the plane with WAY shorter hair than she started with if she had done that to me. I’d have just cut it off even with the top of the screen so I could watch my movie… 😀

  5. @Kevin, I thought the exact same thing…but then you’d likely be arrested. Probably not worth it, even if the passenger was an inconsiderate jerk.

  6. @Mike D – What law prevents someone from cutting someone else’s hair that would result in arrest?

  7. How about throwing the ponytail back around to her? She would get the message and if she kept doing, maybe other actions are needed like letting leftover drink get on the ends.

    Of course, I would have just closed it in my tray and … guess that is not allowed either.

  8. Is it possible that the woman in 22b didn’t realize she’s doing that with her hair?

  9. @Ms. M, that was my first thought too. Looks like that pony tail is just about long enough to “accidentally” get pinched in the tray table…

    Really though, probably asking would be best, I’m guessing she didn’t quite realize she was blocking the entire screen. Or maybe she was just a huge jerk.

  10. You need a baby or toddler that gets air sick. Just point them toward the hair when they barf. Just be prepared to catch what falls so you are not wearing it.

  11. Or… you could ask her politely to move her hair.

    She probably had no idea what she was doing and would be embarrassed afterward.

  12. Regarding the ponytail, most of the daydreaming solutions to the problem are very passive aggressive. Simply tell her what the problem is and to not do it. In the unlikely event she ignores the request, it’s time to involve the cabin crew. And we all know the possible consequences of disobeying a reasonable instruction by a cabin crew member, don’t we?!

  13. I seem to be the only person not grossed out by bare feet. It honestly doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve never done it myself (I can’t reach my feet while sitting in my seat) but I have no problem with others doing it.

    The hair thing would bother me, but I don’t use those screens much anymore, I prefer my own which isn’t interrupted every time an announcement is made.

  14. Hands can be much nastier than bare feet because people’s dirty and germ-laden hands touch all kinds of things that we then touch ourselves, such as gas pump handles, escalator handrails, retail/grocery store carts, door knobs and handles, kiosk touch screens, and yes, tray tables, seat belts and overhead compartments on planes. Yet bare hands don’t seem to offend or upset very many people. How odd, then, that the sight of bare feet offend so many! There must be a lot of over-sensitive snowflakes out there!

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