After Woman Disrupts 2 A.M. Flight, How An Older Man Steps Up To School Her Is Perfect

A passenger complained to a flight attendant about being offended by a woman’s behavior prior to departure from Los Angeles. She was reportedly drunk. But she doesn’t leave the plane quietly. She gets up and walks the aisle, speaking to passengers in the cabin and nobody at the same time, “You can’t tell me what I did…. I’m not going!”

When another passenger begs her to leave so that everyone else can continue their journey, she takes a survey of the cabin, asking “who did I offend?” interrogating everyone on whether she was actually a problem. Then she argues with the man who declares she’s “tripping” and her behavior now is a problem.

The woman declares, “now everybody gonna suffer.” But she’s the one making everyone suffer, because they’re all going to have to get off the plane instead of just her. That’s the post-David Dao era because airport police aren’t going to drag the woman off the plane.

Naturally the video contains not safe for work (and not safe for work from home) language:

@amandagrasham I jusy wanna go home 😩🤣#fyp #airline #traveling ♬ original sound – Amanda Grasham

With about 10 seconds left in the video, a jacket-wearing older gentleman in a window seat stands up, takes off his glasses, and tells it like it is in not safe for work language, “you out of your MFing mind.” When a man like that dramatically gets up and removes the glasses, you’re about to be schooled. And his jacket is amazing, but not something I could ever pull off.

Passengers were delayed 8 hours off the redeye flight as a result of the incident.

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  1. OK, so as we learned from a recent article, the usual state of drunken passengers is that they were drunk *before* they boarded. As, it seems, was the case here.
    The passenger should have been denied boarding.
    That is where fixing this problem of drunken and disorderly passengers has to start.

  2. Woofie, you live in fantasy land. In the real world, gate agents are pressed for time. There is a lot going on besides scanning your BP. There are standby/other pax coming up to the counter asking for all kinds of things. There are oversized bags you need to police so they don’t jam up the downstream boarding process. There are families you need to watch carefully because one person is scanning all the BPs while others are walking onto the jetbridge, you need to make sure nobody walks on without having been scanned. Gate agents should not be tasked with looking for the subtle signs of drunkenness. Very few people are drunk to the point they’re falling down. The woman in the video clearly wasn’t because she is filmed walking down the aisle with no apparent trouble. She wasn’t slurring her words either. She may have just been disinhibited which occurs well below the typical .08 BAC level.

    There is another factor at here that I am sure other comments will get at either subtly or not. RACE. Thank goodness the drunk woman and the passengers who spoke up were all of the same race. If a white person were to have “schooled” the black woman, you can bet the white person would be slammed on social media. And rightly so. It is the exact same logic by which I insisted in an earlier post that criticism of the CPC (Communist Party of China) which is composed uniformly of Chinese people, is in fact anti-Chineseness if you are not Chinese.

  3. With all due respect to Dr. Dao (a different case altogether)…I do not understand why, in cases like this, when an unruly passenger is delaying an entire aircraft FULL of people from taking off, thus delaying the flight (and how many others, in the domino effect?) that they cannot be cuffed and removed from the plane…even if it means “dragging,” due to the overt, active resistance of said passenger.

  4. @Youngblood: And rightly so my ass. Been a racist long?

    It’s ok for a black person to do so but not a white person?

    Get real. You are perpetuating racism.

    @Richard: Bad optics with everyone with a cell phone camera.

  5. @Richard: post Dao, the airlines don’t want the negative publicity and (usually) resulting payout. And these bad actors now know how misbehaving pays.

  6. Yup, let’s all run scared worrying about offending others … if people can’t behave properly in public, call the authorities to take care of the mess. Don’t dither around wringing your hands thinking about what color they are … call law enforcement and get rid of the perp. If the plane’s in the air, cuff her to the seat and slap some duct tape over her mouth. Why should an entire planeload of people suffer for an airline’s inability to take proper action? Does nobody see how this perpetuates more and more bad behaviour? Wake up, America, before outrageous behaviour escalates and a real tragedy ensues.

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