Air Canada Tells U.S. Department Of Transportation To Bugger Off Over Refunds

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  1. if air Canada does not want to follow US law then they should not be able to fly into the USA. we will see how fast they start issuing refunds

  2. Given that the border is closed, I guess AC determined that they could tell the DOT to kick rocks and deal with the fine later (since it’s not like they can be banned from flying to the States for the time being)…hopefully it’s big enough to really show that you shouldn’t rip off your customers!

  3. I’m ambivalent about Luxor but dear God please demolish Excalibur. I literally feel embarrassed just looking at it.

  4. Quite remarkable, the position that AC is taking. This potentially effects not just their flights to the US butvtheir flights to Europe as well, since the E.U. claims that their rules apply to all flights in or out. I would suggest that this is an ill considered gamble on the part of AC, that could result in restrictions to most of their international destinations. Even if they win, I would think they lose, as customers migrate to US and European airlines, where they know they are protected.

  5. Ban AC from US airspace, simple.
    Serious affect on domestic flights, as most go over US space.

  6. That’s crazy but consistent with what I’ve been told by the very polite Air Canada CSRs about my cancelled flights. DOT hasn’t responded back to my complaint either.

  7. People’s, stop complaining. Ban this, ban that, if you cannot have a refund take the credit like I did.

  8. For our American posts, think about the application of American Laws in another country (Canada) and if that is not only acceptable but admissible. We are sovereign and that must be respected. Also, some of our domestic flights do fly over US airspace but not many. Vancouver to Toronto and Central Canada to the Maritimes come to mind but that is basically it. By the way, Canada will now implement full certification of American built aircraft and no longer rely on that privy from DOT/FAA, which is about time. We are a sovereign nation and must therefore protect our own laws with no interference from foreign entities.
    America would feel exactly the same way , if we enacted the same form of extraterritoriality on American firms.

    By the way a great deal of US flights going to both Europe and Asia spend a considerable amount of their flight time over Canadian Airspace, given that we are the second largest landmass in the world.

  9. @Peter Hanssens – this involves the sale of tickets on flights departing the U.S., marketed in the U.S., to U.S. consumers.

  10. I am 71 years old and my wife is a heart patient. We were suppose to fly to Europe on June 25th. Air Canada changed our flight twice before that date and because of the coronavirus in Europe and that they put in a 14 day quarantine we decided to not go. We did not have cancellation insurance as we had booked well before the coronavirus outbreak. We had paid for premium economy so our flight was quite expensive. We were only allowed a voucher with no time limit. The flight was cancelled for the June 25th flight and put ahead to June 26th the day after we took the voucher. Basically our flight was cancelled and because we don’t know when the coronavirus will end and our age and health I feel the airline should give us our money back which amounts to over $6000.

  11. Ban AC from US airspace? lol What’s next Canada bans US flight travel over Canada? Alaska anyone? Some of the comments on here are next level nuts.

  12. Building a wall of any sorts between the two countries won’t keep the “cold out”. The details citizens are not privy too which are lost in the catchy news lines , remind of judging a book by its cover and never reading it anyway

  13. Take a look in the mirror before you take out your pitchforks about AC. United Airlines also refuses to follow Canadian law to refund passengers of cancelled and delayed flights. There is a pending lawsuit (which I have been unable to find but quoted to me by UA customer service). This is not an issue of AC operating in different spaces and not complying with law. It’s a matter of large corporations thinking they are above the law and ripping off consumers, whether American, Canadian, or European.

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